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1990-03-20 00:00:00


Richard Head of Songbird Intl. introduced me to FULL SAIL. Gary Platt hired me on at $24.4K.

1990-03-20 00:00:00

I'm 32 years old, Joining Full Sail!

A Synclavier media composer with a successful music production business in the Akron/Cleveland market : 3 years of regional and National TV/Radio/Corporate/NonBroadcast clientele . Expert level MIDI and Synclavier chops

1990-08-01 00:00:00


I was more advanced and experienced with the Synclavier than my colleagues and asked to teach three? one-off courses for students wanting more

1990-12-21 00:00:00

Christmas Jacket

Cloth Black

1991-03-01 00:00:00

Course Director: MUSIC HISTORY

Taking a bare-bones course from the brilliant Lloyd Boldman, and getting help early on from Scott Berry I slowly gained expertise in Popular Music History. By the mid-late nineties I wrote the Music History textbook, still used today. An exciting way to learn and grow from my classical and jazz roots.

1991-06-01 06:31:39

Platinum Post: Wag's Restaurant Dessert Special Offer

1st of many of my outside projects I brought to Full Sail. (Studio V) This one was a film shoot using a rented cyclorama. My first encounter with a food designer. Hired JACK MEZO as my producer.

1991-07-01 06:20:38

EarthTone Drums

EarthTone Drums Concert at Bennet Road Show Production Facility by student and drummer Jesper Nordqvist

1991-12-17 04:42:30


Groove listening exercises: Created "Turnaround" on Synclavier and duplicated it at the same tempo, but moved the backbeat around by +/- 10-50ms. Once students heard the difference, we listened to recordings to identify the timing.

1992-01-01 06:31:40

Soundeluxe Florida - composer

Music for the Six Flags Batman Stunt Spectacular.

1992-04-01 08:19:55

Platinum Post: Allie's Restaurants Radio Spots

A series of spots. I hired James Bullard and Loyd Boldman to write the scripts, I hired character VO actors and engineered/edited it myself on Synclavier in Suite 3.

Keith Lay Biography Timeline

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