30 Years of Bush Heritage Australia

Founded in 1991, Bush Heritage Australia is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and our irreplaceable native species forever.

A look back at key milestones and how the organisation has grown.

1991-01-01 00:00:00

Bob Brown starts the Australian Bush Heritage Fund

Founded by Bob Brown and core group in Tasmania.

1993-01-07 05:47:35

Fan Palm Reserve signals national ambitions

With the purchase of Fan Palm Reserve in Queensland, Bush Heritage took the first step to becoming a national organisation.

1995-05-03 15:23:35

Protecting Koala habitat with Brogo Reserve

Brogo Reserve, New South Wales, was purchased after a donor approached Bush Heritage wanting to support the purchase of land that would protect Koala habitat - that was prescient!

1996-08-28 01:59:35

Kojonup Reserve: a bush island in the wheatbelt

With Kojonup, Bush Heritage protected the last large remnant of Wandoo woodland in south-west Western Australia. The acquisition demonstrated the organisation's commitment to working closely with local community groups in reserve management.

1997-04-17 23:11:36

Erith Island brings safety to the fore

Bush Heritage took on the lease of Tasmania's Erith Island, in Bass Strait, and began the significant task of clearing the island of weeds and feral animals.

1997-06-09 00:44:20

Friendly Beaches Reserve: Freycinet's neighbour

The purchase of this stunning, 121 hectare reserve on Tasmania's east coast extended the protection of its famous neighbour, Freycinet National Park.

1998-10-22 04:11:37

Goonderoo and South Esk Pine reserves purchased

New reserves acquired in Queensland and Tasmania.

1999-04-17 23:11:36

Deal Island, Tasmania

Bush Heritage takes on the lease of Tasmania's Deal Island in the Bass Strait.

1999-09-08 07:18:14

Tarcutta Hills and Burrin Burrin reserves purchased

The area of land that Bush Heritage protected grew more with the purchase of two new reserves in New South Wales.

2000-03-01 00:00:00

Protecting Currumbin Valley Reserve from development

Tucked into the hinterland of Queensland's bustling Gold Coast lies Currumbin Valley Reserve, a tiny patch of regenerating rainforest protected in 2000 from the frenzy of development around it.

30 Years of Bush Heritage Australia

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