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1969-11-01 12:32:11

Learning from leading business schools in Europe

The Netherlands School of Economics (Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool – NEH) commissions a study into the feasibility of a graduate school of management in the mid-1960s. The Technische Hoogeschool Delft (later Delft University of Technology) joins NEH to create a multidisciplinary joint venture. In 1969, committee members make exploratory trips to graduate schools of management across Europe to gain first-hand knowledge about how they are structured and run. The visits include the International Institute for Management Development (IMD, which was called IMEDE at the time) in Lausanne, Manchester Business School and London Business School.

1970-06-01 00:00:00

The first class

The first class, of 30 students, begins its studies at the newly formed Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde (Graduate School of Management). The school is the first in the Netherlands to offer the degree Doctorandus in de Bedrijfskunde post-kandidaats (drs). Harrie Langman, chief architect of the business school development plan, is appointed its first dean.

1972-01-01 00:00:00

Relocating to the Delft campus

Because of increasing demand for admissions and a need for extra facilities, the School moves from Rotterdam to purpose-built facilities close to the Technische Hogeschool Delft (currently named Delft University of Technology).

1972-04-30 00:00:00

The first graduates

The first graduation ceremony takes place in November 1972 in the auditorium at the Technische Hogeschool Delft.

1972-06-01 12:32:11

Start of alumni association VIB

The first cohort of 29 students graduates and the School’s alumni association – Vereniging van afgestudeerden van de Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde (Alumni Association VIB) – is born.

1972-08-19 12:32:11

Study trip to The White House

Students visit the White House in the USA during a study trip with Dean Cees Brevoord.

1977-11-01 12:32:11

The launch of study association SVIIB

Students form the Sviib (Studievereniging Interuniversitaire Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde), and attract 275 members. The association later becomes STAR, the largest student-led organisation in Europe.

1978-11-01 12:32:11

First study exchanges

Reflecting the increasing internationalisation of the School, the first exchange programme launches, giving students the opportunity to study abroad. Foreign students could also visit the Netherlands for their exchange as part of the programme.

1980-09-01 12:32:11

10-year anniversary

On the occasion of the School’s 10th anniversary, Prince Claus of the Netherlands attends the symposium Dag van de Ondernemer (Day of the Entrepreneur).

1984-09-01 12:32:11

Undergraduate programme kicks off

Shortly after, the School launches its four year pre-experience programme in management, concluded with a master (Drs) degree.

RSM Timeline

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