Modern & Contemporary Indian Art

1840-01-01 07:20:14

Photography comes to India when various British photographers travel to India to record the historical monuments and the varied landscape of the country.

1840-01-28 00:00:00

Thacker & Spink Co. of Calcutta advertises the sale of daguerreotype cameras in the Friend of India newspaper, just one year after their invention in France.

India’s first camera comes to the city of Calcutta . With the headquarters of the English East India Company located here, the city became the site from where the British commissioned professionals to take daguerreotype images surveying the Indian landscape and architecture.

1843-04-07 12:49:29

The Indian Slavery Act, 1843 is enacted

1844-07-06 18:36:17

Mons F.M. Montairo of No 7, Wellington Square, Calcutta is the first commercial photographer in India.

In an advertisement appearing in the Englishman newspaper, Mons F.M. Montairo .wrote that "begs to inform the public that he is prepared to take likenesses by the daguerreotype process."

1845-02-03 19:22:20

Scottish architectural historian James Fergusson publishes Illustrations of the Rock-Cut Temples of India.

1845-12-11 20:46:02

First Anglo-Sikh War is fought between the Sikh Empire and the East India Company

1848-04-18 03:59:56

Second Anglo-Sikh War

The Second Anglo-Sikh War results in the fall of the Sikh Empire, and the annexation of the Punjab by the British East India Company.

1850-02-01 13:24:29

British East India Company starts the first experimental electric telegraph line between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour. It became operational in 1851.

1853-04-16 11:08:43

The first passenger train runs between Bori Bunder (Bombay) and Thane covering a distance of 34 kilometres

It is operated by three locomotives, named Sahib, Sultan and Sindh, and had thirteen carriages, carrying 400 people and runs on a line of 34 kilometres built and operated by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway.

1854-03-01 11:19:31

The British East India Company annexes Jhansi, Nagpur, and Oudh and began annexing Udaipur State, Chhattisgarh under Doctrine of Lapse policy

Modern & Contemporary Indian Art

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