Arkansas History: Reconstruction to Present

1875-11-03 00:12:03

St. Louis Red Stockings Defeat Little Rock Accidentals

The St. Louis Red Stockings and the Little Rock champion amateur basesball team, the Accidentals, played two games in the fall of 1875. The Red Stockings won both games.

1878-07-10 00:12:03

Yellow Fever Epidemic Has Little Rock Officials Concerned

A Yellow Fever epidemic of the lower Mississippi Valley stirs city officials to ban travel into Little Rock.

1878-07-10 00:12:03

German Immigrants Establish New Town

In the Autumn of 1878 Reverend George A. Buerkle with a group of German immigrants, settle a new community called Stuttgart. They will experiment with a new crop, rice.

1878-09-06 00:12:03

Accidentals Win Amateur Baseball Tournament

A tournament was held in Little Rock to determine which was the best amateur baseball team. The tournament was called the Foul Flag Championship. The Accidental Base Ball Club won but the the Independents were voted as the best team and presented with a prize bat worth 100 dollars!

1879-03-04 00:12:03

P. Dunn Begins Term in Washington, D.C.

Poindexter Dunn, lawyer, Confederate officer and cotton planter, began his first term as U.S. Representative today.

1879-06-17 00:12:03

Medical School Opens in Little Rock

A group of physicians led by P.O. Hooper of Little Rock incorporate the University of Arkansas Medical School. The school has 20 students enrolled at its 113 West Second Street location.

1879-06-18 00:12:03

New Telephone Exchange in Little Rock

The first telephone exchange in Arkanas has located in Little Rock. (A telephone exchange is defined as a "central system of switches and other equipment that establishes connections between individual telephones." It is also known as a switchboard.)

1879-06-19 00:12:03

Timber Industry Moves into State

Large timber companies are moving into the state to harvest the vast amount of forests available. (This boom continues until the 1920's.)

1880-01-02 00:12:03

Immigrants Establish Wine Growing Area

Swiss and German immigrants with the leadership of Josheph Bachman establish the town of Altus as the wine producing area of the state.

1880-01-26 00:12:03

Douglas MacArthur Born in Little Rock

General Douglas MacArthur is born at the Little Rock Arsenal in Little Rock. He will become a top graduate of West Point and supreme allied commander of trooops in the Pacific during WWII.

Arkansas History: Reconstruction to Present

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