Arkansas History: Civil War Through Reconstruction

1861-05-06 00:12:03

New Confederate Constitution for the State

The new Consitution for the state of Arkanas is very similar to the former consitution. The main difference is that it pledges loyalty to the Conderate States of America instead of the United States of America.

1861-05-20 00:12:03

Arkansas Joins the Confederacy

The state of Arkansas is admitted to the Confederacy but its people are divided on the issue of secession.

1861-06-13 00:12:03

Comprehensive list of Civil War Battles, Actions and Skirmishes

Comprehensive websites for battles, skirmishes and actions that occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War.

1861-06-13 00:12:03

Training bases for Confederate Soldiers set up in the State

Training bases for Confederate soldiers are being set up in Northwest Arkansas and Pocahontas in Northeastern Arkansas.

1861-07-11 00:12:03

New Communication System Comes to Little

A telegraph system is installed in Little Rock. This will make communication between the capital city and the rest of the country much faster.

1861-08-10 00:12:03

Battle at Wilson's Creek

Arkanas troops participate in the Confederate victory at Wilson's Creek, Missouri.

1861-08-10 00:12:03

No Representation in Washington,D.C.

For seven years the people of Arkansas have no representation at the U.S. capital.

1862-01-09 00:12:03

Peace Society organizes in Northwest Arkansas

A Peace Society develops in Northwest Arkansas to oppose military service for the Confederacy.

1862-02-16 00:12:03

Skirmish Between Union and Confederate Troops

The first skirmish between Union and Confederate troops in Arkansas ocurrs at Big Sugar Creek (Pott's Hill) in Benton County. The Union troops prevail.

1862-02-17 00:12:03

General Curtis Invades Northwest Arkansas

Union General Samuel R. Curtis is moving his troops into Northwest Arkansas. He is headed towards the area of Pea Ridge.

Arkansas History: Civil War Through Reconstruction

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