Environmental Sustainability

The history of Environmental Sustainability, a Pitzer core value.

Environmental Sustainability: Sensitivity for and preservation of the environment is a key value of Pitzer College. Campus landscaping utilizes drought-resistant, native plants and the College is proud of its many LEED-certified sustainable buildings. Students shape their daily activities, programming and studies to ensure they leave the environment and the world stronger than how they found it. Students interested in environmental issues will find Pitzer an exciting living and learning laboratory.

1964-09-01 23:56:51

Pitzer College Opens

The first students arrive and instruction begins for a student body of 150 women, 11 founding faculty and a small number of staff.

1965-01-01 23:56:51

Emilio Stanley Introduces Course

"Man and His Environment: Major Global Problems in Contemporary Society" is introduced by Professor of Geography Emilio Stanley.

1965-01-01 23:56:51

Professor of Political Studies John Rodman Is Hired

Rodman begins teaching environmental studies at Pitzer in 1970. He retires from teaching environmental studies and political studies in 2000.

1966-01-01 23:56:51

Professor of Art Carl Hertel Is Hired

Hertel is hired as Pitzer's first professor of art and environmental design. He teaches until 1996.

1967-09-01 23:56:51

New Courses Introduced

New courses with an emphasis on environmental studies are introduced in the 1967-68 academic year.

1968-02-13 09:25:24

Lecture Series: “Air Pollution: Private Owner & Public Policy”

Leading experts in their fields speak about the topic of air pollution.

1968-02-24 09:25:24

John Rodman Testifies at Air Pollution Hearings

Professor John Rodman testifies at state and federal hearings on air pollution.

1969-09-01 08:13:50

New Courses Introduced

New Environmental Studies courses are introduced in 1969-70.

1970-09-01 09:25:24

Environmental Studies Major Added

Environmental Studies is added to the curriculum as a field of concentration.

1970-09-01 09:25:24

New Courses Introduced

New courses are introduced to support the new Environmental Studies curriculum in 1970-71.

Environmental Sustainability

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