WMO Chronology of Weather Science

This Museum of Weather Research celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization's World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). WWRP was established in 1998 to foster advances in weather prediction research that mitigate the impacts of high-impact weather events on society. WWRP coordinates scientific working groups as well as national and international research projects focused on specific high priority areas.

This online museum is intended to be a living museum where everyone can continue to contribute providing facts, comments and anecdotes. We welcome your contributions, please contact wmo@wmo.int, attention: World Weather Research Programme.

1901-12-01 19:29:30

The physical basis of long-range weather forecasts by Cleveland Abbe

1902-06-06 00:00:00

Sir Gilbert Walker (1868-1958)

1904-01-01 10:06:03

The problem of weather prediction, considered from the viewpoints of mechanics and physics

Norwegian physicist Vilhelm Bjerknes published his seminal paper "Das Problem der Wettervorhersage, betrachtet von Standpunkt der Mechanik und Physik" (the problem of weather prediction from the standpoint of mechanics and physics) in Meteorologische Zeitschrift. On only seven pages Bjerknes developed the idea of a mathematical model of atmospheric dynamics solely based on the laws and physics, particularly mechanics. Although his model was not practicable in those days, and that his concept was slow to find acceptance in the field of meteorology, we know today that his idea was revolutionary nonetheless.

1905-11-01 15:58:35

Vilhelm Bjerknes - Founder of Modern Meteorology Comment by Øystein Hov

1905-12-01 01:04:59

Vilhelm Bjerknes (1862-1951)

In 1905, Vilhelm Bjerknes visited the United States, described some of the fundamental steps he had already taken in the theory of air masses, and explained his plans to apply mathematics to weather forecasting. The Carnegie Foundation were impressed and they awarded him funds to pursue this research. He was to continue to receive this grant from the Carnegie Foundation for 36 years. (WikiPedia)

1910-05-20 02:36:11

Lewis Fry Richardson (1881-1953)

One of Richardson's most celebrated achievements is his retroactive attempt to forecast the weather during a single day - 20 May 1910 (Wikipedia)

1916-10-28 04:53:32

Cleveland Abbe (1838-1916)

American Cleveland Abbe founded the scientific journal Monthly Weather Review in 1872. The Monthly Weather Review began as a government publication under the United States Army Signal Corps. In 1891, the Signal Office's meteorological responsibilities were transferred to the Weather Bureau under the United States Department of Agriculture. The Weather Bureau published the review until 1970, when the bureau became part of the newly formed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA published the review until the end of 1973. Since 1974, this well-respected scientific journal has been published by the American Meteorological Society. (Wikipedia)

1917-01-01 22:07:35

Jule Charney (1917-1981)

"Jule Charney was one of the dominant figures in atmospheric science in the three decades following World War II. Much of the change in meteorology from an art to a science is due to his scientific vision and his thorough commitment to people and programs in this field" Norman A. Phillips

1917-05-23 22:07:35

Edward Lorenz (1917-2008)

"I decided to sign up for the meteorology course, which I thought was something that I could probably do fairly well and perhaps make a contribution to"

1917-10-19 04:53:32

"Charney was an intellectual giant..." Comment by Jagadish Shukla

WMO Chronology of Weather Science

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