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Welcome to the Ethno World Historical Timeline! This timeline serves as an archive in providing highlights of every Ethno experience, background information on Ethno, and significant events related to Ethno since its inception. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the very first Ethno which took place during the Falun Folkmusik Festival in Dalarna, Sweden in 1990.

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1990-07-01 07:36:39

Ethno Sweden 1990

Falun, Sweden

1991-07-01 07:36:39

Ethno Sweden 1991

Falun, Sweden

1992-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1992

Falun, Sweden

1993-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1993

Falun, Sweden

1994-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1994

1994-09-11 07:36:39

Ethno Macedonia 1994

1995-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1995

Falun, Sweden

1996-06-01 17:00:54

Ethno Estonia 1996

First country to pick up Ethno after Sweden

1996-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1996

Falun, Sweden

1997-07-01 06:44:18

Ethno Sweden 1997

Falun, Sweden

Ethno World

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