JBU Athletics

1921-09-29 00:00:00

Sports banned due to injuries

John Brown, Sr., decided to ban sports on campus because of student injuries that occurred during the JEBC vs. Siloam Springs High School football game. After this, only intramurals were allowed for some time.

1927-01-01 11:32:47

Athletics Committee formed

The Athletics Committee of 1927 was made up of Woodson, D. Shelley, Campbell, L. Shelley, Weld, and Koentz.

1927-09-28 11:32:47

Athletics and Tennis Clubs formed

The Tennis club was formed for the purpose of learning to enjoy the sport. Its participants spent a lot of time on an indoor court during this first year as the weather did not permit much outdoor play. There were also men's and women's basketball clubs.

1930-01-01 11:32:47

Basketball Tournaments against Sulphur Springs

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1930-01-01 11:32:47

First Mention of Women's Basketball Tournament

This tournament was waged between classes.

1936-01-01 11:32:47

First Mentions: Track, Soccer, & Softball

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1940-01-01 11:32:47

Leslie Horn named Athletic Director

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1949-01-01 11:32:47

Rec Gym constructed

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1949-01-01 18:12:03

Women's Athletic Association Formed

The W.A.A. was organized by the girls of JBU for an active participation in the sports events of College Hill.

1951-01-01 11:32:47

Men's Athletic Association formed

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JBU Athletics

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