Green Finance Developments in China

Trillions of dollars are necessary to finance the ambitious global goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, yet governments are only able to finance a fraction of what is necessary. It is essential, therefore, to develop free and fair regulatory structures, developed capital markets, and innovative financing structures to attract private capital to finance implementation of these goals.;xNLx;;xNLx;China has outlined plans to be a global leader in creating the necessary framework for green finance. In just three short years, China has made tremendous progress on developing a green bond market, launching a carbon exchange, and developing a green finance study group in the G20. Track the latest developments on China’s progress on our green finance timeline below.

2015-04-22 09:35:06

China Takes Serious Measures: The Green Finance Committee Established

2015-09-17 14:15:57

US-China Green Fund Launched

2015-09-21 00:47:25

Establishing China’s Green Financial System was Clearly Put Forward for the First Time

2015-10-29 00:47:25

China’s Overall Development Blueprint for the Coming Five Years Proposed to Promote Green Finance

2015-12-15 17:42:31

China Published the Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue

2016-01-14 11:28:19

China Established the Green Finance Study Group Under 2016 G20 Presidency

2016-08-31 09:35:06

China Issued Guidelines to Establish the Green Financial System

2016-09-05 16:36:59

China Took the Lead at G20 and Released a Report to Accelerate the Mobilization of Green Finance

2017-04-24 09:35:06

China Released Guidance on Promoting the Green Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Investment

2017-05-14 09:35:06

China Encouraged Eco-Environmental Protection Cooperation along Belt and Road (BRI)

Green Finance Developments in China

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