Safe Food History

Scroll through the timeline to see the major milestones and food safety events that have shaped Safe Food Production Queensland over the past 20 years.

2000-01-01 02:56:08

Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 established

Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 is established to work in tandem with the Food Act (amended 2006) to regulate food production in Queensland

2001-07-22 06:08:42

First Chief Executive Officer appointed

Dr. Barbara Wilson is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Safe Food in July 2001.

2003-03-07 18:45:20

Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 fully proclaimed

Food Production (Safety) Act is proclaimed and amended to establish a Board of Directors.

2003-04-07 18:45:20

Safe Food wins an award!

Safe Food wins Technical Merit and People's Choice Award for web-based mobile audit system prototype.

2004-04-07 18:45:20

Egg Food Safety Scheme introduced

Scheme introduced in collaboration with egg industry following foodborne illness linked to contaminated eggs.

2004-05-04 18:45:20

Chair of first Safe Food Board appointed

Geoff Gorrie appointed as Chair of the first Safe Food Board.

2005-01-31 03:52:24

New accreditation database

New web based accreditation system introduced.

2005-06-30 03:52:24

Restructure of Safe Food

Safe Food restructures from 120 staff to 40 staff, removing staff based permanently in abattoirs.

2006-06-07 18:45:20

First National Standard for Seafood

Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ) creates the first National Standard for the Seafood Scheme.

2006-06-07 18:45:20

Review of Food Production (Safety) Act

Statutory review of the Food Production (Safety) Act 2006.

Safe Food History

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