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Parental consent

Under-13-year-olds need to get parental consent before they can sign up with our service.

Why do we need to get parental consent?

Under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) in the US and the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, web services such as ours need to get consent from a parent before we can store information about an under-13-year-old. As our service requires users to provide a valid email address to create an account, we cannot under law allow under-13-year-olds to create an account without beforehand getting the consent of their parents.

How can a parent provide consent?

There are two ways that parents can provide consent:

1. They can create an account on www.tiki-toki.com under their own name and email addresss and let their child use that account under their supervision.

2. Fill in a parental consent form and email back (to help@tiki-toki.com) along with a scan of an official id document such as a driving license or passport. Email us at help@tiki-toki.com to get a parental consent form emailed to you. Once we have reviewed your application, we will manually create an account for your child.

By choosing either option 1 or 2, you agree to consent to us using your child's data for the purposes outlined in our privacy policy. We aim to collect the minimum personal information necessary to ensure our service functions properly and for us to meet our legal, accountancy and customer service obligations. For a full-list of information we keep on users and how we use it, see our privacy policy.

If you would like to revoke your consent, please email a consent revocation request to help@tiki-toki.com, including the username of your child's account, and we'll delete the account and any timelines the child may have created.

How can a Teacher get consent for their pupils?

If you are a Teacher and you or your school have obtained parental consent for your under-13-year-old pupils to use our service, please contact us at help@tiki-toki.com and we'll discuss with you some options for getting your under-13-year-olds on our service.

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