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Timeline of the month: Crowdsourcing the Best Global Brands

31st Dec 2012 | Tasha G

Every month we showcase a timeline that has interesting content and makes good use of Tiki-Toki's features. This month we have a fantastic timeline by Yannig Roth - Crowdsourcing by World's Best Global Brands.

This timeline is about big brands' use of crowdsourcing. As Yannig says on his own blog: "Timelines are great way to visualize the occurence of past events, but also the evolution of a phenomenon. In recent years, crowdsourcing has proven to be a valuable way to access external knowledge, and a timeline was a simple yet effective way to show just that."

Given that the topic of this timeline is crowdsourcing, it is fitting that this timeline uses Tiki-Toki's group edit functionality, which allows people to easily collaborate on a timeline. The way this works is that the timeline creator sets a secret word for his timeline, and shares this word with collaborators, who can then add new stories to the timeline. The creator still has full control of the timeline, however, and can moderate added content as needed.

Filtering the categories

The timeline also takes advantage of Tiki-Toki's category and timeline control options (see image to the left).

By clicking on the little wrench icon at the bottom right of the timeline, viewers are given the option of filtering the timeline stories by different categories, searching for particular stories, zooming in and out of the timeline, and even changing the way the timeline stories are shown (you can activate timeline controls from the Advanced Settings panel). In a nice touch, Yannig has also included a legend for the categories in the timeline's background image.

Another thing that makes this a great timeline is that is it constantly being added to - it is very much dynamic and evolving. Some timelines work best as static, fixed entities (history timelines, for example), but Yannig's timeline is a perfect example of a topic that benefits from dynamic regularly updated content.

If you know of a timeline that you think should be featured in future, get in touch with us at blog@tiki-toki.com.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy exploring Yannig's timeline!