The Future of Work: Los Angeles 2037

This world build timeline is a living archive of collaborative contributions from the FoW: LA 2037 World Build Team, and curated by Dione Oliver, MMLIS. Click on each story to experience both primary and secondary source materials lending themselves to the narrative of the Future of Work in Los Angeles in 2037.

"World Building designates a narrative practice in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story; the richly detailed world becomes a container for narrative, producing stories that emerge logically and organically from its well-designed core.;xNLx;;xNLx;World Building is founded on three beliefs, namely that storytelling is the most powerful system for the advancement of human capability due to its ability to allow the human imagination to precede the realization of thought; that all stories emerge logically and intuitively from the worlds that create them; and that new technologies powerfully enable us to sculpt the imagination into existence.";xNLx;-Alex McDowell, Director, World Building Institute at USC

Arnobio Morelix: After a Long Day at Work

First Ancestral A.I.: Grace Lee Boggs Prototype

Grace Lee: Conversation between Dal-Yong B and Grace Lee Boggs

There's an App and study guide for that.

Dione Oliver: My Morning Commute

Jeff is expecting you in Westwood by 8:30AM. I have you set for departure by 8:10AM with enough buffer for human driver interferences.

Dmitri Williams: Prime is not a Crime

There was another B-Reb protest last night at the Amazon show floor in Lomita.

Hyperloop to Tijuana

Global eSports Domination

Apprentice AI: Amazon Magic

Amazon Magic, "Apprentice AI with Human Interface", first commercial AI included in the roll out of Pre-Fab and Custom World Building Labs.

General Motors Goes All Electric

Automaker General Motors ceases manufacture of everything but all-electric vehicles with the introduction of 20 new consumer models.

The Gifting Economy

Gifting economies exist nationwide. Skills and communal contributions determine your value in our new cryptocurrency market. Corporations, angel investors, philanthropists, institutions, wealthy individuals are rated in society by how much they contribute to gifting platforms, not their profits.

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