No One Builds a Better Fire

Heat & Glo prides itself on leadership in design and innovative technology that give you the ultimate fireside experience.

1975-01-01 00:00:00

A Passion for Fire

The Shimek family always had a passion for fire. Ron and Dan Shimek set out to construct that experience in creative new ways. And in Ron’s garage in 1975, they did.

1975-03-01 21:53:29

The First Fireplace

“Ron, if you can build this, I can sell it.”

1975-10-01 21:20:07

Classic, Fantasy, EverGlo

These round, see-through glass fireplaces were the inception of the most award-winning fireplace brand today.

1977-12-01 21:20:07

Grate Heater

This practical, patented advancement installed directly into existing masonry fireplaces. During a fire, a vacuum would intake cool air on one side, and push it out the other—heating the air.

1987-01-01 21:53:29

The Pursuit of Innovation

Heat & Glo was founded on the ideal of innovation. It’s a relentless pursuit; pushing the boundaries of where fire can go and how it can look. After countless patents, awards and honors, Heat & Glo remains driven to prove “No One Builds A Better Fire.”

1987-11-03 21:20:07

Direct Vent Technology

This engineering breakthrough produced an entirely new fireplace category.

1988-12-01 21:20:07

Remote Controlled Fire

The first remote-controlled fireplace ever manufactured provides a gateway to continued innovations in fireplace technology.

1991-01-04 21:53:29

A Focus on the Future

By the late-1980s, Heat & Glo was doubling in size nearly every two years.

1995-12-01 21:20:07

Pier Bar

The first product to showcase fire from three sides highlights new aspects of structural and architectural design.

1995-12-01 21:20:07

FireBrick Technology®

This patented ceramic material can be molded into any style—and increases radiant heat output by as much as 25 percent over metal fireboxes.


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