World Malaria Day: Charting 50 years of progress

We've come a long way in the fight against malaria. There is still a long way to go: the disease still kills over 600,000 people a year. But we are making great strides in the fight against the disease. World Malaria Day marks the ideal time to review the progress made to date.

Africa welcomes vaccine trials

First vaccine trials begin in Africa.

Parasite grown

The first successful attempt to grow the malaria parasite outside of the body is achieved in a lab.

Malaria eradicated: Europe & America

Malaria is eradicated from 37 countries in Europe and the Americas.

First vaccine developed

A bottle of synthetic vaccine is developed against malaria, the first of its kind. There have been further advances in synthetics since then, such as use of genetically-modified mosquitoes.

MFI formed alongside control strategy

Malaria Foundation International (MFI) is formed & Global Malaria Control Strategy launched, having a positive impact around the globe.

Nothing But Nets

The UN Foundation launches the global Nothing But Nets campaign, designed to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria. The focus of the campaign is upon purchasing and distributing mosquito bed nets in sub-Saharan Africa; a key method of controlling the spread of the disease.

Roll Back Malaria Partnership formed

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership is launched. A partnership between several international organizations (including WHO and UNICEF), with the intention of providing a coordinated global response to the disease.

WHO recommends new treatment

In response to increasing parasite resistance to conventional antimalarial medicines, WHO recommends the use of artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) as first-line malaria treatment. A major step in the control of the disease, laying the foundation for future modifications - as the linked article shows.

First Malaria Day

The First World Malaria Day, set up by WHO's decision-making body, takes place on April 25. This year's theme is 'Malaria: a Disease without Borders'. A range of global events have since taken place to mark the annual event, including bed net demonstrations.

Global Malaria Action Plan

The Global Malaria Action Plan, developed by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership following their foundation a decade earlier, is launched. The Plan provides a global framework for action, and covers 30 endemic countries and regions.

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