Exmoor - A Journey Through Time

Explore how the Landscape of Exmoor has been shaped by nature and man over thousands of years. Scroll through time and play the videos.

Video content created for Exmoor National Park by Tigervision 2017

The Birth of Exmoor 200 million years ago

Find out how what happened 200 million years ago helped to define the Exmoor we see today.

A Knight's Tale

One man tried to tame Exmoor and change it for ever - did he succeed?

Life, but not as we know it

Ice ages, strange creatures and maybe the occasional human.

The Hunter Gatherers

How did our ancestors survive the harsh conditions of Stone Age Exmoor.

The First farmers

As humans began to shape the land, they left their mark on Exmoor's landscape.

Mediaeval Upheaval

Exmoor continues to develop, although fro some villages there was to be no future.

Iron Age Exmoor

How did a new metal make a difference to how Exmoor.

The Edge of Empire

Find out how the Romans came to Exmoor, and the evidence we can still see of their time here.

The (slightly) Dark Ages

Lost in the mist of time? not quite -

The Normans Arrive

A new ruling elite takes over, and creates a fascinating record of 11th century life.

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