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Bill Clinton Scandal

It was on this day that rumors of President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinksy was reported everywhere, and the former president would deny such claims. Where the flames were expected to be doused were only being fed. The affair started in 1995, and would be investigated and studied until late January of 1998, when everyone was made aware of it. It would then be handled in court until late September of that same year. Even after the decision, many outlets of media would go about to make sure that it would not die. Such outlets as cartoon shows like Family Guy would depict Bill Clinton as a lustful, nudist pervert in some episodes, or just by making his scandal the butt of a joke. Cite:

Family Guy

The big guy and his family have their first episode aired on television on this day, which would still be going strong in the current year of 2016. The show makes some illusions to classic American sitcoms, as Peter Griffin is a character that is anti-progressive, idiotic, and an alcoholic. Over the years, the show has seen a progression of its dark or crude humor being pushed to its limits. One episode, in particular, had paid a visit back to 90’s history by having Peter Griffin befriend OJ Simpson, which was just one of the many examples of how far its limits can be pushed. On a lighter note, just about a year after its debut, it was nominated for three Emmy’s, only going home with one for “Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.” Cite:

King of the Hill

King of the Hill premiered on January 12, 1997. King of the Hill despite its “humble” and “unassuming” manner according to most reviewers was able to be one of the most successful Animated TV shows of all time racking up thirteen seasons creating 259 different episodes behind only the Simpsons and Family Guy. In 2007 King of the Hill made an appearance on TIME magazine’s 100 greatest TV shows of all time it has also added two Emmy awards to its name. Cite:

Arthur Ashe Death

Tennis champion, legend and hero Arthur Ashe died February 6, 1993. Ashe is the first and only African American male to win a Wimbledon championship, as well as U.S and Australian open. Though he was known worldwide for breaking color barriers in a sport that even to this current day is not known for its racial diversity, perhaps his biggest impact came off the court. As he was fully committed to charitable causes and humanitarian work. At the young age of 49, Ashe passed away in New York City from complications of AIDS. His legacy and inspiration has long outlasted his shell, as he will continue to be a prominent figure for the African American culture and a prime example of what an impeccable person should represent. Cite:

Ed, Edd n Eddy

This show is centered on three young boys in their middle school years, mostly during the summer, who strive to be the cool kids in their neighborhood cul-de-sac. Imagination meets chaos as the “Eds” make use of their remaining child-like tendencies to get the things they want, but instead face consequences for their greedy nature. Within the same year it aired, it won the Reuben Award for Best Television Animation on May 8th. It would go on to win two Leo Awards for Best director in 2000, and Best Musical Score in 2005. Cite:

OJ SImpson Aqcuitted

After becoming the focal point of arguably the most polarizing murder trial in American history, Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson was found not guilty, and was acquitted. After a stellar collegiate career as the star Running back at University of Southern California, which ended with Simpson winning the most coveted award in college athletics; the Heisman Trophy. Along with a ticket to the National Football League, Simpson seemed to have the world in his hands. The world and luxurious lifestyle that Simpson once possessed was replaced by an infamous pair of bloody black gloves and a switchblade as he was accused of brutally slaughtering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman the night of June 12th, 1994. With a legal “superteam” of lawyers led by Robert Kardashian (Father of Kim, Rob, Kourtney, and Khloe) and Johnnie Cochran, and over 252 days of trial, Simpson was free to walk in 1995 due to “reasonable doubt”. Cite:


Rugrats was created to appeal to young and old children and families. It was an show about a typical American family that lives in the real world that just so happened to be animated. The show has a theme of “It’s tough to be a kid in an adult world” and it displays how kids don’t always get it right, but adults don’t always have the answer. It contains many satirical themes that are aimed at modern-day family issues. A lot of the hidden gags were pointed at the baby-boomer parents that were watching the show with their kids. There were many adult references in the Rugrats that you probably didn’t notice as a kid. For example episode 8 in season two called grandpa’s date. Herb Scannel said back in 1998 that it had reached phenomenon status. That in some ways they think it is their “Mickey Mouse”. Cite:

AIDs Epidemic

In June of 1981 the Centers for Disease Control released its first report about the disease now known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). At the time it was noted in 5 young males as a form of pneumonia. Months later the New York Times reported 41 cases of a rare cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma all in homosexual men. Fear began to sweep the nation for many years with more cases of aids and many aids related deaths. On November 7th 1991 Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced that he is HIV-positive an that he was going to be leaving the Los Angeles Lakers. His went on to be an aids spokesman and educate young people about the virus. Cite:

Ren & Stimpy

The Ren & Stimpy Show pioneered a new era in television for kids. The show was known as being controversial for its dark humor, sexual innuendos, adult jokes and violence that were rare for children’s shows at that time. It was created by John Kricfalusi who rejected the typical cartoon format at the time and created a wholly original show that went to uncomfortable places and grossed out audiences. The show played on anxiety of bodily fluids at a time the US was at its height in fear against the aids epidemic. It started several trends in TV animation like grotesque close-ups and a shift to a different cartoon color pallet of more harmonious colors. While The Simpsons predated it, Ren & Stimpy is known as the cartoon that transcended its slot into Nickelodeons cartoon lineup and changed the entire TV animation industry. Cite:

"The Chewbacca Defense"

The infamously satirical and beloved show was aired for the first time the previous year on August 13th, 1997. Though it arrived towards the later part of the 90’s, the show made aware of its awareness of what had happened in it. As previously mentioned, OJ Simpson was acquitted on October 3rd, 1995 on account of reasonable doubt. Rather than take a critical approach of the judiciary system by preaching the injustices or flaws of it, the creative team behind the show decided to bring about a perspective of it in satirical terms. Hence, the show introduced “the Chewbacca Defense (in its episode "Chef Aid"),” in which its method of weaseling out of a very one-sided situation by confusing the jury to the point where they might actually believe you. Though its name is meant to be comical, the method it is built around is nonfiction. Cite:

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