Kings Cinema

The King’s Cinema opened in 1911 under the name King’s Hall on a site between Old Market and Redcross Street. Upon his return from the First World War, Ralph Bromhead bought the cinema and completed a substantial renovation involving a new frontage, a wide foyer, a low canopy outside and ornate brass work in the doors. The King’s reopened in 1921 with a seating capacity of 1,500. Former residents remember the ‘posh’ cinema with awe.

- Doreen Watkins Remembering Old Market;xNLx;Reminiscence Session 16th Tuesday 2014;xNLx;

Kings Cinema closes

The Kings Cinema closed on the 4th of December 1976 with a farewell double bill of X-rated movies ‘Hot Dreams’ and ‘Man Hungry’.

Bristol's First

The King’s was the first Cinema in Bristol to feature talking movies.

Working at the Kings Cinema

Mike Smith worked for three years as the Kings Cinema projectionist and recounts his experiences for us.

Cary Grant

A young Archie Leach later to be known as actor Cary Grant operated the limelights at the Kings Cinema

Bernie Mattock speaks about his Kings Cinema experiences

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