Our History

1896-03-01 00:00:00

Founded in 1896

Simmons & Simmons is founded in the City of London by twin brothers, Percy and Edward Simmons

1962-03-01 18:45:11

Brussels office opens

The firm is the first City law firm to establish an office in Brussels

1979-08-15 12:02:35

New office in Asia

Simmons & Simmons opens its first office in Asia, in Hong Kong

1988-03-01 18:45:11

Paris office opens

Firm opens office in Paris

1992-08-01 12:02:35

Firm establishes presence in Portugal

The firm is the first city law firm to establish a presence in Portugal, opening in Lisbon, a practice that continues today (in association with Sociedad Rebelo de Sousa)

1994-03-20 18:45:11

First office in The Middle East

The Abu Dhabi office opens, our first office on the ground in the Middle East

1994-03-20 18:45:11

New Italian offices

Firm establishes Italian offices in Milan and Rome

1995-01-01 17:26:27

Shanghai office opens

Firm opens new office in Shanghai

1999-11-22 17:26:27

elexica launches

Firm launches it's award winning, free online legal resource, elexica

2000-01-01 17:26:27

Madrid office opens

Firm opens office in Madrid

Our History

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