Rogers Brewery

The Brewer, John Rogers established the imposing Jacob Street Brewery in 1845 at the western end of Old Market. It was reported that you could smell the yeast in the air as you got off the tram.

1952-09-14 18:11:24

Brewery Closes

The closure of the Jacob Street brewery in 1952 added to the impression that Old Market was no longer part of the new order.

1966-06-13 16:01:48

Development Plan - End of the Brewery

The 1966 Development Plan aimed – so it was claimed - to preserve and protect the city’s historic buildings with the designation of special control areas. Old Market Street didn’t feature however, being viewed as a ‘Primary Distributor Road’. ‘Included in the scheme are multi-storey car parks, shops, a cinema, an hotel, offices and flats, all linked by pedestrian ways and elevated decks and footbridges across the Inner Circuit Road and across lower Castle Street to Castle Mound.’ Central to this proposal was the construction of a two-tier roundabout. And In order to build the Old Market roundabout, the Council made a compulsory purchase of ten properties including the Bunch of Grapes, The White Hart and the Brewery.

Rogers Brewery

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