St Steevans (Stevens) Alms House

A number of other almshouses were built along Old Market over the years. The most significant of these was built by Alderman Stevens in 1679.

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New Management

The management of the almshouses was put in the care of a new body, Bristol Municipal Properties, supposedly free from political interference in 1831. Bristol Municipal Charities took over additional properties in Old Market as a way to secure rents to support its charitable aims.

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Incendiary device damages roof during air raid

Although bomb damage to Old Market was relatively minimal, the area was certainly aware of the bombings. ‘One of the [air raid] sirens, the nearest one, was on top of the police station at Trinity Road.’80 Nearby, Rosemary Street Nursery was also used as an air raid shelter. Only Nos. 1- 4 were destroyed, while the roof of Stevens Almshouse suffered damage from an incendiary device.81 The goods yard at St Philips Station however, was badly bombed.

St Steevans (Stevens) Alms House

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