Hak Ja Han Moon: The Heart of a Mother

1943-01-06 00:00:00

Hak Ja Han is Born

(Soon-ae Hong—Mrs. Moon's mother—speaks) Mother was born in the village named Sinli of Anju district in what is now called North Korea at 4:30 a.m. on January 6, 1943 [by the lunar calendar] when I was 30 years old.

1943-02-26 20:30:15

Hak Ja Han's Parents

(Soon-ae Hong—Mrs. Moon's mother—speaks) Mr. Han was my husband, and Hak Ja Han's father, but things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked.

1944-09-25 21:36:41

Spiritual Groups Receive Revelations

(Mrs. Moon speaks) I would like to talk for a few minutes on the background of my birth.

1948-02-09 14:49:39

Leaving North Korea

(Soon-Ae Hong —Mrs. Moon's mother speaks) When Mother was six years old, she and I were arrested by the communist regime in North Korea.

1950-04-09 14:49:39

Fleeing from the War

(Mrs. Moon speaks) At the time of the Korean War, many Koreans suffered a lot, but thanks to my uncle, I had relatively less trouble fleeing from the war.

1953-09-26 14:40:14

Life on Jeju Island

(Soon-Ae Hong —Mrs. Moon's mother speaks) I took her to Jeju Island, where we lived a very simple life—a life of prayer.

1957-04-10 23:55:32

Meeting Rev. Moon

(Mrs. Moon speaks) The first time I met Father, he looked at me and asked, "what is your name?"

1959-03-05 15:00:45

Attending Nursing School

(Rev. Moon speaks) When Mrs. Hong first began attending our church, she lived a very faithful life in Chuncheon [a city located east of Seoul] and raised her daughter strictly.

1960-04-11 02:25:17

The Holy Wedding

(Mrs. Won-pok Choi speaks) The Heavenly Blessing took place on April 11 by the solar calendar at the Cheongpa-dong Church.

1960-09-08 02:25:17

Accepting the Role of True Mother

(Rev. Moon speaks) Mother was very young when she was blessed, and she said that she had had no experience with men.

Hak Ja Han Moon: The Heart of a Mother

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