15th Anniversary

Siena is celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year! Let's take a look at the journey we've taken.

1958-07-23 05:57:36

Boys and Girls Club of Silver Spring

The current Siena building used to be the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington DC in Silver Spring! Here is a picture of the building in 1958.

2005-11-13 12:33:40

Announcing Siena

The opening of The Siena School was announced in 2005!

2006-08-13 12:33:40

First Day of School

Siena's first full year began in the basement of Montgomery Hills Baptist Church with 30 students in grades 5-9.

2006-08-16 12:33:40

Siena featured in The Gazette

The Gazette wrote a piece on Siena, explaining their mission.

2006-08-21 05:57:36

The Siena School Scholarship Fund

The Siena School Scholarship Fund was created to support the financial aid program.

2006-09-19 12:33:40

Advisory Board Formed

Siena's Advisory Board of National Leaders was formed.

2006-09-20 12:33:40

Dinner and a Movie

Our Dinner and a Movie Friday events began in 2006!

2006-10-26 12:33:40

Siena in The Washington Post

Siena was featured in The Washington Post in an article titled "For the Gifted and Challenged, an Easier Fit".

2006-11-11 12:33:40

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Students put on a performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

2006-11-11 12:33:40

Siena Featured in The Washington Diplomat

Siena was featured in The Washington Diplomat for an article titled "Breaking the Mold".

15th Anniversary

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