ITI Milestones

1980-02-07 10:21:19

ITI Association established

On February 7, 1980, the ITI Association is established by 12 founding members: André Schroeder (ITI President), Fritz Straumann, Paul Gisin, Gisbert Krekeler, Philippe Ledermann, Herbert Niederdellmann, Wilfried Schilli, Samuel Steinemann, Hermann Stich, Franz Sutter, Walter Widmer, Max R. Wiesendanger.

1980-02-07 10:21:19

First committee established

The Development Committee known as the “Technical Committee” focuses on the development of implants and resolving technical issues.

1982-01-01 10:21:19

Internationalization of the ITI

The ITI accepts its first Members from outside Germany and Switzerland: Two from the US One from Denmark; One from Austria

1988-01-01 10:21:19

First ITI textbook

“Orale Implantologie” by André Schroeder, Franz Sutter and Gisbert Krekeler is published. The English translation “Oral Implantology” is published in 1991.

1988-01-01 12:48:16

Passing of Fritz Straumann

Fritz Straumann, born in 1921, is one the 12 founding members of the ITI. An engineer, Fritz Straumann works closely with André Schroeder to mastermind the ITI. He dies unexpectedly in 1988 just days after the contract to establish the ITI Foundation is finalized.

1988-08-25 10:21:19

ITI Foundation established

The purpose of the Foundation, established on August 25, 1988, is to promote and support scientific projects in implant dentistry. The Foundation is launched with assets of 750,000 Swiss Francs – 650,000 of which are donated by the Straumann Institute.

1991-02-05 11:48:33

André Schroeder Research Prize

Dieter Weingart is the recipient of the André Schroeder Research Prize. It is awarded to independent researchers for advancing dental research. The aim is to promote new scientific findings in implant dentistry, oral tissue regeneration and related fields.

1992-01-01 17:19:57

Wilfried Schilli becomes ITI President

Wilfried Schilli is the second ITI President: 1992-1997. Born in Germany in 1928, Wilfried Schilli starts out as a dental technician before studying both medicine and dentistry in Freiburg, Germany. He specializes in research on the treatment of jaw fractures by osteosynthesis, treatment of orofacial cleft, and dental implants.

1992-01-01 17:19:57

André Schroeder made an Honorary Fellow

André Schroeder is awarded the first Honorary Fellowship. With an Honorary Fellowship, the ITI pays tribute to long-standing Fellows who have dedicated many decades and much of their leisure time to promoting the interests and goals of the ITI.

1993-02-15 00:00:00

1st ITI reorganization

The ITI organizes itself independently of the Straumann Institute and sets up three ITI Committees: Education, Research, and Development (originally known as the Technical Committee).

ITI Milestones

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