Epigenetics of Cancer

Epigenetics and Cancer Biology

Epigenetics has been studied in cancer for decades. Unfortunately, we haven't been around that long, but check out these great articles that capture the recent history of epigenetic breakthroughs in cancer.

2011-05-02 15:05:30

Tumor Suppressor Methylation is Cause for Cancer Concern

In order to determine whether aberrant DNA methylation at particular loci can play a causal role in tumorigenesis, a team of researchers developed a novel method

2011-05-03 15:05:30

miRNAs: Masters of the Tumor Microenvironment

A group of Italian researchers have identified miRNAs as the masters that control the prostate tumor microenvironment.

2011-06-16 15:05:30

Foursome of DNA Methylation Subgroups Found in Colorectal Cancer

As if one kind of colorectal cancer (CRC) isn’t bad enough, new research has uncovered four DNA methylation-based versions of the insidious disease.

2011-07-06 15:05:30

Cancer Cells Keep Their Methylome Options Open

Dr. Andrew Feinberg explains how he and his crew believe that they’ve uncovered two new features of a cancer mechanism.

2011-07-27 15:05:30

Cancers Ban Erythropoietin with DNA Methylation

Bisulfite analysis of the EPO gene revealed that CpG islands in its promoter and enhancer were hypermethylated in most tumor cell lines and tumor tissue samples.

2011-07-27 15:05:30

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma’s Trouble with Histone Modifications

Researchers have uncovered several mutant genes that had remained hidden until now, including some that have roles in histone methylation and acetylation.

2011-08-03 15:05:30

Targeting Brd4 Fends Off Acute Myeloid Leukemia

researchers transduced a custom small hairpin RNA (shRNA) library into an AML mouse model and identified Brd4, a BET family bromodomain-containing protein that binds to acetylated histones, as a “top scorer” in their screen for new cancer targets.

2011-08-15 15:05:30

RNA Pol II Calls the Shots in Random Monoallelic Expression

Researchers from the University of Washington say that imprinting and random allele-specific expression have two very different mechanisms, even though the outcome—only one of the two alleles of a gene is translated—is the same.

2011-10-10 15:05:30

EpiGenie Review: Epigenetic Cancer Therapies and Diagnostics

Take a look at the cancer fighting tools that we’ve covered since EpiGenie started to see how much epigenetics has advanced cancer research.

2011-10-12 15:05:30

Born to Lose: Histone Mods Tag Stem Cells for DNA Methylation of miRNA Loci in Cancer

Scientists uncover how some harmless embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are programmed to become deadly cancer cells later on.

Epigenetics of Cancer

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