Sufferin' in Dufferin: Spanish Influenza in Dufferin County (1918-1919)

This timeline was created by staff and volunteers at the Museum of Dufferin.

1918-10-03 00:00:00

Prohibition and the Flu

The flu has arrived in Orangeville.

1918-10-03 00:00:00

Spanish Flu in Ontario

On October 3, 1918, the Orangeville Banner ran this article titled "Influenza Makes Its Appearance in Ontario".

1918-10-03 21:17:15

The "Fashionable Ailment"

Many people thought the Spanish Flu was part of a trend of flu outbreaks. It was referred to as a "fashionable ailment" because many people had caught it.

1918-10-10 03:28:30

Spanish "Flu" Spreading

The Orangeville Sun reported, in a short notice, the presence of the "popular" Spanish Flu in Orangeville. According to their report, it has several victims, but all were recovering. Several of these cases were in the hospital (Lord Dufferin) for medical attention.

1918-10-10 13:17:19

Lord Dufferin Hospital

For those severely ill with the flu or no one to help take care of them, the Lord Dufferin Hospital was their refuge.

1918-10-15 14:04:52

James "Henry" Ritchie

James "Henry" Ritchie, a farmer from the 10th line in Amaranth Township dies from Spanish Influenza at the age of 20.

1918-10-17 00:00:00

The Flu in Shelburne

By the middle of October, the flu was shutting down Shelburne.

1918-10-17 00:00:00

Influenza in Amaranth

A report appears in the Orangeville Banner citing a serious outbreak of Spanish Influenza in Amaranth Township.

1918-10-17 06:35:15

Wanted: Health Auxiliary Volunteers

This ad issued by the Provincial Board of Health calls for health volunteers to help combat the influenza outbreak.

1918-10-17 09:07:45

Your Local Drug Store

During the height of the flu, businesses like Jeffer's or Fairbairn's drug stores in Orangeville were an important resource for people in need of medical supplies. Businesses like pharmacies stood to make a good profit off the epidemic by selling all kinds of remedies. Whether they would work or not was another matter.

Sufferin' in Dufferin: Spanish Influenza in Dufferin County (1918-1919)

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