What's Next For Blogs?

What's next for Blogs? Who knows for sure, but some people have ideas of what the blogosphere may look like in the next two years.

I am new to this, so be gentle. Some of these ideas have happened, some are coming, some are hypothetical, and others are an ongoing process.

All Wordpress Themes Are Now Free

Wordpress.com is thriving with business, and now offer free themes across the board with a new membership.

Users Own The Comments, Not Bloggers

A half dozen companies provided a commenting system for bloggers to organize comments in a more meaningful way. The main premise behind these companies is that users should own their comments. They provide commenters with a login that can be used across all of the blogs that use their system, and then an account where they can go to manage and track all of these comments in a central location. This should improve engagement because users are more likely to comment when they can own it. These services have been gaining a lot of momentum over the years.

Widgets Evolve Into Web Rings 2.0

Web rings are making a comeback in a big way in the form of widgets. Numerous widget providers are offering publishers ways to improve their page views – either by syndicating their content elsewhere or by doing a better job of driving intrasite traffic.

Widgetbox Has New Network

Widgetbox has a new network that allows you to place your blog into an interest channel – such as technology – and then install a widget that links to content from other members of that channel.

Lijit Increases Page Views

Lijit increases page views by adding social search to blogs.

Outbrain Also Increases Page Views

Outbrain increases page views by identifying your blog's best content and providing widgets that link to it.

Buzzlogic and Technorati Launch Own Advertising Networks

There are more options than ever for monetizating your blog, and everyone with any sort of scale is trying to get a piece of the pie by launching their own advertising network. Buzzlogic and Technorati are now live and accepting new publishers. The basic premise is that they have a network that is large enough and has the critical mass necessary to serve advertisers, while having the data about users and blogs needed to target ads effectively.

Google Launches Changes

Google launched over 500 changes to their algorithm, so by some count they changed their algorithm almost every day, almost twice over.

The Daily Mail Becomes World's Most Visited Newspaper Website

The Daily Mail’s website, the online alternative to the British newspaper that was first published in 1896, covers all things news, gossip and viral online. They produce the kind of content you won’t always like to admit you enjoy reading.

Mashable Named Most Influential Tech Blog

Mashable adapted their content to the social media space and started publishing more articles than ever before.

Youtube Makes Changes

You now are able to identify objects (such as certain public figures) that people might frequently search for material on. Videos can now identify private citizens.

Responsive Web Design Made Even Easier and Complex

Web sites are taking full advantage of responsive design. Several popular news media companies, including TIME and USA Today, are also taking advantage of the feature, which helps to neatly distribute content across a wide variety of devices, from desktop computer to smartphone and everything in between.

Apple Unveils Retina Display

Apple coined the term "retina display" for the latest generation of displays that boast up to four times the pixel density of non-retina displays. For web developers, retina displays cause issues with some image-heavy websites, where some images can appear "grainy."

Twitter Bootstrap Continues Success

Now websites of all shapes and sizes are using Twitter Bootstrap to create beautiful, responsive layouts and experiences. Twitter Bootstrap continues to spread and gain widespread useage among web creators of all types. Quite a few resources are springing up to support those creating with Twitter Bootstrap.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Google and other search engine companies are changing the way they rank content. They started looking at quality indicators such as post length and post frequency. Blogs must focus on quality above quantity. High-quality content is also more likely to be shared via social media or recommended via e-mail, so focusing on quality has several benefits.

Sprinklr Becomes Next Big Thing

Sprinklr highlights what is required to do social@scale.

Airbnb Hits Its Stride

Airbnb offers Pinterest inspired platforms with compelling imagery that bypass traditional accommodation sites and also taps into the power of the social networks.

Search Engine Optimization Guts Content

Low quality content written for SEOs is being pushed out the door.

Mobile Blogging Continues to Skyrocket

Mobile accounts for 26% of global internet traffic. Twice the number a year ago.

Apps Being Created For Blogs Has Never Been Higher

People spend more time on apps than they do browsing the web. Isn't it time to create an app for your blog?

Journalism's Shift Into Blogging Continues

Nearly 75% of journalists now blog. With newspapers slowly diminishing, this change was necessary.

Home Based Blogging Business On Rise

Many people have joined a home based business opportunity. They are marketed daily and are generating leads. This combines blogging, article marketing and video marketing for free home based business leads with paid advertising for quicker traffic to your offer.

Axel Bruns Writes New Book

Bruns' new blogging textbook takes the blogosphere by storm, and introduces all sorts of knowledge and insight into the complex world of blogging.

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