Outlook for personal mobility

Drive Sweden has developed an outlook that shows what we want to jointly achieve within our partnership until 2030.

In order to reach our vision for a connected, autonomous, and shared mobility; a number of intermediary steps are necessary. Efforts in vehicle, mobility services and transport system research will be undertaken in an integrated manner that guarantees that Sweden’s mobility of the future will be sustainable, safe, efficient, while also being attractive. In the coming years, this plan will be updated regularly as we follow up on our achievements.

2018-07-30 08:00:53

MaaS apps in Göteborg and Stockholm

The two largest cities in Sweden, Göteborg and Stockholm, offer full-functioning Mobility-as-a-Service applications to its citizens.

2019-04-01 17:12:54

The public is adequately informed about AVs and MaaS

Swedish society is adequately prepared to accept self-driving vehicles (cars, busses) and take up a new way of purchasing and organising their mobility as a service.

2020-04-01 17:12:54

Buses with AV functions in regular public transport

Small and medium-sized busses with AV functions that complement regular public transport services are being deployed.

2020-10-01 17:12:54

Tool for assessment of societal and ecological effects of AVs

The societal and environmental impacts on AVs depend largely on how their deployment is organised. In order to assess the most “sustainable” way of organising and offering self-driving vehicles measuring and planning tools have been developed that allow to prepare for and follow up on AV impacts.

2021-10-01 17:12:54

Planning tools for quarters served by AVs and mobility services only

Blueprints for urban areas that rely on AVs and mobility services only have been developed. They can be applied to existing areas as well as new developments. They clearly show how to transition from private car dependency to shared, sustainable transport.

2021-11-30 17:12:54

Self-driving vehicles (SAE 4) on the market

Vehicles that can be operated without a driver on certain areas/under certain conditions (SAE 4) are deployed on Swedish streets.

2022-11-10 17:12:54

Adapted regulation for self-driving vehicles, sharing and procurement

The regulatory framework is updated to allow for smooth operation of self-driving vehicles, support the take-up of shared mobility and make procurement procedures beneficial for sustainable vehicles and services.

2024-03-01 17:12:54

Majority of new vehicles enabled for sharing

New vehicles are equipped with the technology that is necessary for smooth sharing services to function.

2024-06-01 17:12:54

Integrated digital transport control system

In order to allow the overall transport system to benefit from the potential effects on improved traffic flows, a transport control system that integrates different modes and optimizes flows is in place in most major cities.

2025-05-01 08:00:53

Self-driving city busses in Sweden

After successful deployment of self-driving mini-busses that complement public transport, city busses with AV functions are coming to Sweden.

2026-02-01 17:12:54

Commercial MaaS service available everywhere in Sweden

Once several Mobility-as- a-Service platforms have been established and accepted by wider parts of the population.

2027-02-28 02:03:14

Commercial AV pods in Sweden

Small pods for freight and delivery are on the market in Sweden, facilitating urban deliveries and on-site traffic.

2028-03-01 23:13:49

MaaS as the new normal for travelling

Whether for employees, organisations, or individuals – Mobility as a Service has become the new norm(al).

Outlook for personal mobility

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