Wisconsin's Nazi Resistance: The Mildred Fish-Harnack Story

Trace the life and legacy of Mildred Fish-Harnack through video, events, images, documents, personal correspondence and honors.

Explore Mildred's story at [wpt.org/naziresistance](http://www.wpt2.org/naziresistance/).

Friday Niters

WATCH VIDEO - The connection to economist and professor John R Commons begins as the academic study of “economies in turmoil” and leads to the “Friday Niters” or “Circle of Friends”, which was similar to their resistance group in Germany.

Mildred’s Remains Recovered?

WATCH VIDEO - Dr. Hermann Stieve at the Berlin Charite Anatomical Institute was conducting research on female prisoners.

Madison's Greenbush Neighborhood

WATCH VIDEO - Find out what this neighborhood would have been like in 1927-28 when Mildred and Arvid Harnack lived on Chandler Street in the heart of the Greenbush Neighborhood.

The Harnacks' Capture

WATCH VIDEO | PDF - Once the Gestapo made the first arrest, the Red Orchestra members fell like dominoes including Mildred and Arvid who are arrested in Preila, East Prussia (Kurische Nehrung near Konigsberg) on a weekend holiday at a fisherman's cottage.

Prison Questionnaire

PDF - Questionnaire provided to Mildred when entering Ploetzensee Prison for execution translated into English.

Adolf Hitler's Decree

Hitler signs Arvid's death sentence and orders Mildred Fish-Harnack and Erika von Brockdorff retried.

Mildred's Resume

A translated copy of Mildred’s 1939 resume.

Frau Dr. Mildred Fish-Harnack

Mildred earns her Ph.D. in Philosophy/American Literature.

Reason for Judgment

PDF | Written by the Nazis after the trials in Berlin describing why the defendants are being punished.

Secret Verdict Code

In a telegram to Falk Harnack, Arvid's brother, the Harnack family used a code: “Book out of stock. Six photos.” Translation: Arvid got the death sentence. Mildred’s (initial sentence) was six years in prison.

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