The Kabinettskriege Period

A summary of the major wars from the peace of Westphalia to the storming of the Bastille.

This timeline is intended to give an introduction to the major wars of Kabinettskriege period.;xNLx;;xNLx;Copyright 2013- Alexander Burns

Glorious Revolution!

The Protestant Prince of Orange William and his wife Mary invade England. James II flees into exile. The Stuarts will spend the next sixty years trying to reclaim the throne of England.

Conflict in the Ukraine

A series of long conflicts between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Cossacks, and the Ottoman Empire. Ostensibly won by the Ottomans, the conflict ended with the Treaty of Zurawno in 1676, giving the Ottoman Empire power in parts of Ukraine.

Thirty Years' War

One of the "book ends" of the Kabinettskriege period, this war devastated central Europe, and strengthened France and Sweden in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Treaty of Westphalia

The Thirty Years' War draws to a close, leaving no clear winner. Sweden and France both emerge from the fighting with a significant amount of power.

Wars of Three Kingdoms

In Ireland, Scotland, and England, the Parliamentary New Model Army defeats the various groups which oppose them, set up Oliver Cromwell as the Lord Protector of the realm. The Stuarts are temporarily removed from power.

First Anglo Dutch War

Trade disputes between the English and the Dutch lead to naval warfare. The English emerge victorious.

John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough

One of history's great commanders, Churchill rose to prominence during the War of Spanish Succession, where he commanded the English forces in the war against Louis XIV.

Louis XIV

The famous (or infamous) "Sun King" of France, Louis embroiled France in frequent wars during his long reign, including the Nine Years' War, and the War of Spanish Succession. He increased French territory on the Northern and Eastern borders of France.

Russo-Polish War

Part of the period of Polish history known as "the Deluge," the Poles fight a long and hard war, but are forced to sign a humiliating peace when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth runs out of money.

Restoration of Charles II

After the Death of Oliver Cromwell, and the ineffective rule of his son, the English people accept Charles II, son of the beheaded Stuart king Charles I.

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