The History of the #KCSV

This is the history of the Kansas City Startup Village (#KCSV). For more information, please visit

The Kansas City Startup Village (#KCSV) is an entrepreneur-led, organic, grassroots initiative helping to bolster the Kansas City startup scene by creating a concentrated and collaborative community of startups. Our vision: to help solidify Kansas City as a premiere startup city in America.

Leap2 inquires about moving into the 4454 House

Leap2 asks Matthew Marcus of Local Ruckus if they can move into his then vacant building. Matthew agrees.

The Homes for Hackers House

Ben Barreth (Founder of the Homes for Hackers program - puts in an offer on a house at 4428 State Line Rd. At this time, Matthew and Adam barely know Ben, and vice versa.

Local Ruckus and FormZapper agree to join Leap2 in the 4454 House.

Local Ruckus and FormZapper discuss options with Mike of Leap2 and agree to take the basement of the 4454 House.

The #KCSV is Born

Ben sends an email to Matthew and Adam (now all friends) about the organic congregation of hackers and startups which is occuring. It eventually becomes named the Kansas City Startup Village (

Local Ruckus Moves To The #KCSV

Local Ruckus moves into the 4454 House.

FormZapper Moves To The #KCSV

FormZapper moves into the 4454 House.

Hacker #1

Mike Demarais of (, the first member of the Homes for Hackers program, moves from Boston to Kansas City.

Hacker #2

Andrew Evans of Jekyllhub ( becomes the second member of the Homes for Hackers program. He moves from San Francisco to Kansas City.

The Homes for Hackers House Becomes Official

Ben Barreth closes on 4428 State Line. The first hacker house is official.

Leap2 Moves To The #KCSV

Leap2 moves into the 4454 House.

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