Team 1676 Timeline

2004-01-08 00:00:00

Team is Founded

Team founded by athletic director, Phil Paspalas, and student Mathew H.

2005-01-02 00:00:00

Mentors Join the Team

Kevin Killian, Lisa Ruggieri, and Don Rotolo start mentoring Phil Paspalas is the head coach Mercedes-Benz is flagship sponsor

2005-02-12 00:00:00

Bag Day

Introducing Scorpion! 2005's Game: Trile Play Capabilities: Had articulating arm to lift Tetras onto goals Could stack Tetras onto other Tetras goal

2005-03-17 23:40:55

New Jersey Regional Competition

Rookie All Star Award

2005-04-21 23:40:55

FIRST World Championship

Archimedes Division

2005-05-14 23:40:55

Montclair Mayhem Off-Season Competition


2005-06-01 23:40:55

Class of 2005

Russ B Matt H, CEO Marc P Nadine S Adam T Jordan Z

2005-11-05 06:37:42

Ramp Riot Off-Season Competition


2005-11-19 06:37:42

Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Competition

Kid's Favorite Robot Award

2006-01-01 23:40:55


Began Pi-Tech Dassault Falcon Jet - new flagship sponsor Started Holdrum Hawks, River Vale middle school FLL team (George White) Also Fieldstone

2006-02-21 06:37:42

2006 Bag Day

Introducing Clyde! 2006's Game: Aim High Capabilities: Able to pick up Poof Balls of the ground to shoot them into the high goal. Could get up on top of the ramp during the end of the game

2006-03-02 05:55:59

New Jersey Regional Competition

We earned the Judge's Award and Safety Credit Award.

2006-03-30 05:55:59

Palmetto Regional Competition

At this competition we earned the FIRST Website Excellence Award and the Safety Credit Award and we won as finalist.

2006-06-01 22:23:11

Class of 2006

Mike B Justin K Kyle L Aaron M Eric R Dom R Andrew S Lee T

2006-09-28 22:23:11


The Pi-oneers demonstrated their 2006 robot at WIRED Magazine's NEXTFEST technology expo in New York City.

2006-11-02 06:37:42


Began Pi-Tech Dassault Falcon Jet – new flagship sponsor Started Holdrum Hawks, River Vale middle school FLL team (George White) Also Fieldstone

2006-11-04 22:23:11

Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Competition

Ref's Favorite Award

2006-12-03 22:23:11

FIRST VEX Challenge Garden State Rumble Competition


2007-01-01 22:23:11

New Mentor

Joe Panatalone starts mentoring KPMG and Pascack Valley Regional High School District, platinum sponsors Mercedes withdrew monetary scholarship. The year we got our team trailer

2007-02-03 22:23:11

2007 Bag Day

Introducing Johnny 5! 2007's Game : Rack n' Roll Capabilities: Uses pneumatics to pick up tubes off the ground. Able to put tubes on first and second level of the Spider. Able to lift one other robot off the ground 4" during the end of the game.

2007-03-01 22:23:11

New Jersey Regional Competition

Semi-finalist Website Award J & J Sportsmanship Award Motorola Quality Award

2007-03-22 22:23:11

Buckeye Regional Competition

Quarter-Finalist Motorola Quality Award

2007-04-12 22:23:11

FIRST World Championship

Newton Division FIRST Website Excellence Award

2007-06-01 22:23:11

Class of 2007

Anthony A Brian B Katie D Thomas F Alex M, CEO Howie S Dan S, CEO Eric V Josh W

2007-11-03 22:23:11

Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Competition

Finalist Alumni Choice Award

2008-01-04 22:23:11

New Teams

Bill Giraud and Steve Mertz start mentoring Start Woodcliff Lake FLL Team LaCOUR - platinum sponsor Honeywell Platinum sponsor FLL at George White Hillsdale Team we mentored, 2596, Ferris Bulldog Innovators (FBI) from Ferris High School in Jersey City won Rookie Inspiration at NYC Regional

2008-02-01 22:23:11

2008 Bag Day

Introducing Landshark! 2008's Game: FIRST Overdrive Capabilities: Able to pick up Trackballs off the ground, and place them on and over the Overpass Could place Trackballs on the Overpass during the end of the game for 12 extra points

2008-02-28 22:23:11

New Jersey Regional Competition

Quarter-Finalist Chairman's Award

2008-03-27 22:23:11

Greater Toronto Regional Competition

Quarter-Finalist Chrysler Team Spirit Award

2008-04-17 22:23:11

FIRST World Championship

Galileo Division FIRST Website Excellence Award

2008-06-15 22:23:11

Class of 2008

Max B Dom B Joe F Aviva I Jenna K Vincenzo L Jak R Zach S, CEO Zara S, CEO Jeff V Eric W

2008-10-18 22:23:11

Pascack Pandamonium Off-Season Competition

Team 1676 hosted "Pascack Pandamonium," an FRC off-season competition. Seventeen teams from the tri-state area attended the event. The event was opened to the public and covered by two local newspapers and 1010 WINS radio promoted the event that weekend. Teams enjoyed a LEGO Mindstorms giveaway, a food drive, a Super Smash Bros tournament, and a mentor pie-eating contest. A workshop on Autodesk Inventor was hosted for all teams in attendance.

2009-01-01 22:23:11

Coach K

Kevin Killian takes over as head coach James "Doc" Whitfield and Jack Teodore start mentoring Dimensional Communications and Darvey's Irish Pub and Russ Chapman-platinum sponsors

2009-01-07 22:23:11

FRC Kickoff Celebration

The Pi-oneers watched the lifestream announcement for FIRST Lunacy! Following the lifestream, the team at lunch, held brainstorming sessions, and created a live game simulation.

2009-02-04 22:23:11

2009 BAG Day

Introducing Apollo! 2009's Game: Lunacy Capabilities: Had a turreted shooter to shoot Orbit Balls into opponent's trailers. Able to pick up Orbit Balls off the ground.

2009-02-26 22:23:11

New Jersey Regional Competition


2009-03-26 22:23:11

Palmetto Regional Competition

Quarter-Finalist Chairman's Award Judge's Award - "Engineering"

2009-04-16 22:23:11

FIRST World Championships

Galileo Division FIRST Website Excellence Award

2009-06-15 22:23:11

Class of 2009

2010-01-07 22:23:11

FRC Kickoff Celebration

2010-01-08 22:23:11

Community Initiatives

ISA Presentation Hillsdale Helping Hands Food Pantry Angels Amongst Us Holiday Party

2010-02-06 22:23:11

2010 Bag Day

Introducing Weeble! 2010's Game : Breakaway Capabilities: Able to score balls during Autonomous Mode Able to control and kick soccer balls into goals Able to drive over the humps across the fields Able to hang during the end of the game for 2 extra points

2010-03-05 22:23:11

New Jersey Regional Competition

Winner Entrepreneurship Award Dean's List Finalist - Ethan Hayon NJ FIRST Hall of Fame - Elizabeth Rosalia

2010-03-18 22:23:11

Virginia Regional Competition

Winner GM Industrial Design Award

2010-04-15 22:23:11

FIRST World Championship

Curie Division - Finalist

2010-06-15 22:23:11

Class of 2010

Anthony D, CEO Ethan H, CEO Angela L Nicole M Jared M George P Aaron P

2010-11-02 22:23:11

ISA Presentation

The local International Society of Automation, a professional engineering society, invited the Pi-oneers to demonstrate their robot at a general membership meeting.

2010-11-06 22:23:11

Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Competition

Finalist Smart Play Award

2010-11-20 22:23:11

FLL Bergen Qualifying Tournament

Begin Hosting FLL Tournament at Hills

2010-12-11 22:23:11

Hillsdale Helping Hands Food Pantry

Team 1676 Timeline

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