A Timeline for the Friend of American Freedom: Bernardo De Galvez

Galvez Returns To Spain

In 1772, Bernardo returned to Spain, but then spent the next 3 years in France. There he enrolled in the Regiment of Cantabria to excell himself in Military Science and to learn the French launguage and culture.

The Birth of Bernardo

Bernardo de Gálvez was born on July 23, 1746, in Macharaviaya, a mountain village in the state of Málaga, Spain, as the son of Matías and Josepha.

His Military Career

To follow his family tradition, Bernardo choose a military career. In 1762 he served as a lieutenant in a war with Portugal, after which he was promoted to captain in the Regiment of La Coruña.

Paso de Gálvez

The name Paso de Gálvez was given to a crossing on the Pecos River where Bernardo De Gálvez led his troops to victory in a fight with the Apaches.

Regiment of Seville

In 1775, he returned to Spain. He was then assigned to the Regiment of Seville as captain of the infantry under Alejandro O'Reilly. After participating in a failed attack against the Algiers, Bernardo suffered a wound.

The Province of Louisiana

In 1776 he was transferred to the Province of Louisiana and was promoted to colonel of the Louisiana Regiment.

Governer of Louisiana

On January 1, 1777, Bernardo becomes governer of Louisiana.

Spain Declares War

On June 21, 1779, Spain declares war against Great Britian. King Carlos III appointed Galvez to take men and conduct a campaign against the British along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast.

Galvez Needs Food

While campaining against the British, Galvez becomes in need of food for his soldiers. He sends an emissary, Francisco García, with a letter to Texas governor, requesting that Texas cattle be brought to the Spanish forces in Louisiana. Between the years of 1779 and 1782, more than 10,000 cattle had been rounded up.

Manchac, Baton Rouge, and Natchez

During the Fall of 1779, because of the help from the Governer of Texas, Galvez and his 1,400 energetic men defeated the British in battles at Manchac, Baton Rouge, and Natchez.

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