0027-04-11 20:22:49

Early Roman Empire

Augustus defeats Marc Antony and Cleopatra, becoming first roman emperor. Roman society 'truly' launched.

0096-04-11 20:22:49

High Empire

Trajan leads Roman empire to new heights.

0192-04-11 20:22:49

Late Empire

Turmoil period as power shifts back and forth between rulers.

0250 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Hellenistic Greek

Hellenistic Period begins after the death of Alexander the Great, beginning the descent of the great nation.

0350 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Late Classical Greek

Late Classical Period is once again, supplemented by a large Persian defeat.

0450 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Classical Greek

The Classical Greek Period is defined as a point of pride due to a boisterous empire.

0550 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Archaic Greek

Archaic Greek represents transition period.

0559 BC-04-11 20:22:49


The largest ancient civilization , Persia sought to present a grandiose aesthetic, most notable in their architecture.

0600 BC-04-11 20:22:49


"Life in Death" - the Etruscans emphasized their importance towards the afterlife. Represents a transition period between Greek art and Roman culture.

0700 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Orientalizing Greek

The Orientalizing period of Greek art history evolves on the styles previously seen in Geometric.

0753 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Roman Republican

Ancient roots of Roman civilization.

0883 BC-11-01 00:00:00


Iraq - stoic figures exemplifying masculinity, power of king and many relief sculptures.

0900 BC-11-23 14:04:23

Geometric Greek

Geometric Art coincided with a period in time where Greek culture had just left its "dark ages," signifying a rise from the ashes for the culture.

1353 BC-11-01 18:24:33

Armana Period

An attempted cultural retooling by Pharaoh Akhenaten.

1500 BC-04-11 20:22:49

New Kingdom Egypt

Egypt rapidly expands during this time period, conquering territory deep into the south and the Euphrates river.

1792 BC-11-01 00:00:00


Expression of authority and order, complexities in carving expand.

25000 BC-11-01 00:00:00

Paleolithic Era

The Paleolithic Era largely consists of cave paintings and carvings from primitive culture. Although there are no artists attributed to the works, they are highly indicitive of cultural values and religons of those who made it.

2575 BC-04-11 20:22:49

Old Kingdom Egypt

First golden age of Egyptian art, time of which the great pyramids of Giza and other influential artworks were made.

3500 BC-11-01 00:00:00


Negative Space begins to appear in artworks, emphasis on masculinity and composite creatures begin to appear.

5000 BC-11-01 00:00:00


Later stage prehistory, artistic methods develop further and more fuller realized arts from cultures.


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