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The timeline is a long-term planning tool showing main calls: both active and unconfirmed calls. Unconfirmed calls are marked "unconfirmed". Calls from Forskningsrådet, EU, EU Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), and Public-private Partneships, like IMI-2, are inlcuded. These are of interest to a wide audience at OUS and the Faculty of Medicine at UiO. There may be additional calls within specific fields. All active calls are listed on the Funding Opportunities website: http://www.med.uio.no/english/research/news-and-events/funding/

Dark blue tags: International calls, consortium;xNLx;Light blue tags: International calls, individual;xNLx;Dark green tags: National Calls, consortium;xNLx;Light green tags: National calls, individual


Nano2021: Researcher Projects to develop sustainable technological solutions as a basis for innovation and to address central societal challenges. INTPART: to establish or develop durable relations with strong academic environments in the prioritized countries Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, China, Russia, South-Africa, USA, Germany and France


All Health programmes


Unconfirmed: BIA IPN projects. Other programmes unknown


Programmes unknown

Forskningsrådet FRIPRO

Ground-breaking science. * Unge Talenter: PhD 2-8 years ago, below 40 years of age. * Forskerprosjekt: PhD more than 6 years ago. * Toppforsk (500 MNOK total). * Mobility grant - for mobility.

HSØ Mobility, Requires Hospital affiliation

Covers additional expenses during 3 - 12 months og research activity abroad. Conditions apply.

JPND Neurodegenerative Diseases

Pathway analysis across neurodegenerative diseases

NIH collection date

R01 (large) projects

NIH collection date

R03 (small) and R21 (feasibility) projects

NIH collection date

R01 (large) projects

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