History of the School of Social Sciences

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This is the timeline of the School of Social Sciences at Rice University. Here you will find information on important events in each of the five departments of the School and learn a little more about the history of the faculty & research that has occurred since our inception.

Gateway program created

Gateway is established for undergraduate social science majors to embark on research opportunities, internships and international travel to gain real-world experience for their post-baccalaureate endeavors.

Cognitive Sciences program created

Edwards Appointed to Academic Planning Committee

Professor Edgar O. Edwards is appointed by President Pitzer to join the newly created Academic Planning Committee. In 1964, the committee publishes a Ten-Year Plan which calls for the expansion of Rice University including the social sciences.

First Economics Major Graduates

The first economics major, Col. Thurman Ward, graduates.

Hargrove Chair of Economics Established

The Reginald Henry Hargrove Chair of Economics is established in memory of Mr. Hargrove by Mrs. R. H. Hargrove and the Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation. Professor Edgar O. Edwards holds the first chair.

Expansion of the Social Sciences

Under the presidency of Kenneth Pitzer, 1961-1968, the economics faculty and course offerings, as well as the social sciences in general, significantly expand.

Ph.D. in Economics Established

The Ph.D. program in Economics is established. This is the first Ph.D. program in the Social Sciences.

Fox Chair in Economics Established

The Henry S. Fox, Sr. Chair in Economics is established under a bequest by Mamie Fox Twyman Martel in honor of her father, founder and president of Houston National Bank until his in 1912. Professor Gaston V. Rimlinger holds the first chair.

First Ph.D.s in Economics Awarded

The first Ph.D.s in Economics are awarded to Emiel Veendorp and Henderikus Werkema. These are also the first Ph.D.s awarded in the Social Sciences.

Program of Development Studies Created

The Program of Development Studies is created. The program looks at the problems of developing countries in their efforts to achieve economic, political and social growth. The program is initially funded by a grant from Mr. and Mrs. John de Menil to set up one of the first interdisciplinary social science centers at Rice. Professor Jim Land is its director. Participating faculty come from Economics, Political Science and Anthropology

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