This is a WIP timeline for the Aquila Dioscursi Galaxy, created by Omuck3. http://dioscuri.wikia.com/wiki/Aquila_Dioscuri_Wikia

0000-07-06 06:51:36

Unity on Nothaewei

The Flomsawue people form a planetary government for their homeworld.

0139-05-19 08:17:52

Colonization of the Nothaewei System

The Flomsawue people colonize their home system.

0263-05-19 08:17:52

Unity on Wiabos

The Vielt people unite their homeworld, Wiabos.

0312-05-19 08:17:52

Colonization of the Wiabos System

The Vielt people colonize their home system.

0587-05-19 08:17:52

First interstellar probe launched

The Flomsawei launch the first interstellar probe, heading to the nearby star of Egroth.

0617-07-06 06:51:35

Pulse Drive Built

The Vielt build a crude Pulse Drive for intra-planetary travel.

0753-11-09 09:05:03

Probe arrives into orbit around Egroth

The Flomsawei probe arrived at the Egroth system and begins transmitting data back to Nothaewei.

0794-11-03 21:59:54

Habitable Moon Found

The Flomsawei probe finds a habitable moon in the Egroth system.

0839-01-04 04:26:37

Vielt Build Pulse Engine

The Vielt advance their Pulse Drive technology and construct a prototype Pulse Engine.

0856-01-04 04:26:37

Flomsawei build pulse drive

The Flomsawei, after decades of rigorous R&D, construct a pulse drive.

0867-10-01 08:19:09

Flomsawei build pulse engine

The Flomsawei refine their pulse drive technology into a pulse engine.

0900-05-04 17:44:54

Vielt send interstellar mission

The Vielt send a manned mission to the stars, eventually making their way to Xoynia.

0925-11-09 13:02:57

Flomsawei send interstellar mission

The Flomsawei send an interstellar mission to Egroth using their new pulse engine technology.

0970-07-18 07:21:56

Vielt Decree Interplanetary Government

The Vielt Empire is formed, consisting of Wiabos and Xoynia.

0972-05-15 23:25:13

Flomsawei Form Interplantary Government

The Flomsawei people form the Flomsawei Dominion, consisting of Nothaewei & Egroth.

1014-05-05 05:32:43

Flomsawae Form Interplanetary Government

The Flomsawei people form the Flomsawei Dominion, composed of Nothaewei and Egroth.

1054-05-05 05:32:43

Vielt Colonize Haylara

The Vielt Empire sends colonists to the Haylara system, establishing settlements on 2 planets and multiple moons.

1054-05-15 23:25:13

The Vielt Colonize Haylara

The Vielt Empire colonizes the Haylara system, establishing settlements on 2 planets and 1 moon.

1068-03-31 20:13:58

Flomsawei Colonize Voytis & Royphus

The Flomsawei Dominion colonize Voytis(3 settlements) and Royphus(6 settlements).

1069-03-31 20:13:58

Coeb Incorporated Founded

Coeb Inc is founded as a result of the Dominion beginning to privatize their heavy industries.

1072-03-31 20:13:58

FDC Formed

The Flomsawei Dominion officially creates the Flomsawue Defense Corps, incorporating the planetary militias and patrols into the Flomsawae Group Corps and the Flomsawae Navy.

1123-05-22 04:30:22

Flomsawei Colonize Askadus

The Flomsawei Dominion colonizes the Askadus system, thereby colonizing all nearby starsystems and ending their colonial programs.

1128-11-09 07:35:03

The Vielt Colonize Geprade and Yebus

The Vielt Empire colonizes Geprade(3 settlements) and Yebus(4 settlements).

1133-11-09 12:05:03

Vielt Empire Creates Official Military

The Vielt Imperial Navy is formed, as is the Vielt Imperial Guard.

1166-10-28 13:24:45

Vielt Colonizes Ceutis

The Vielt Empire colonizes Ceutis, and comes in contact with the Dryux.

1221-09-29 22:28:58

FDC War on Smugglers

The Flomsawue Defense Corps launches a long-term war on smuggling, mainly centered on the trade route between Askadus and Royphus.

1249-06-19 18:21:45

Vielt colonize Snosie

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1301-05-03 00:00:00

Vielt come into contact with the Cyth Hegemony

The Vielt come into contact with the Cyth Hegemony, and declare war.

1306-11-20 20:45:22

The Vielt Take Ieuclite

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1311-11-20 20:45:22

Vielt take Meyvis

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1317-11-20 20:45:22

Vielt take Pacury and Guyrus

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