The Life of Mary Kearns

Welcome to a timeline of my life. My name is Mrs Mary Gay Kearns, and I am an artist, painter and mother.

My son started off this timeline in the hope that I would finish it off. There is, after all, so much that I could put on this timeline - pictures of my children and grandchildren, for starters.;xNLx;;xNLx;And when I finally leave this earth, this timeline will remain here, always ready to tell the story of a life that was once mine.

Me at 16 wearing a dress

This is me as a carefree sixteen year old. I am wearing a dress that I made myself. I use to be really into sewing back then and even made my own Wedding Dress. My Mother ,Grace, taught me how to understand patterns and about the weft and warp in material. I even made Roger a tie in flowery fabric to match my 60's dress. Later I made lots of clothes for my children, including shorts and pyjamas for my son, Alex.

My beardy lover

I met Roger - my future husband - when we got chatting at work. I knew I liked him straight away but it took us a few months to get our act together.

My future husband

Roger Kearns - my future husband - was always very proud of his beard, as you can see from this picture of him as a young man. He lived at 36,Chestnut Avenue, Walthamstow E.17. I remember the house very well with its tall sash windows and green and yellow painted woodwork. We spent most weekends at Roger's house, especially as Gertie his, Mother, was usually visiting her sister Glad. Many hours were spent down Woodstreet and over Epping forest. We visited lots of places in London and also some of Roger's relatives and friends. I was always buying him Tobacco tins and he kept loosing them but I did not mind.


I was born on a cold day in February, at around 6 o'clock in the evening at the Wier Hospital, Balham.

Two Dark Eyes

Having married on the 21st of May, our first baby still tucked away inside me (and after a short stay with Roger's mother, Gertie, who was kindness itself) we moved into our first home: 15, The Maisonettes. Park Avenue, Bushey.

First Christmas as a Family

First Christmas celebrated together with a decorated Chrismas tree, Radio Four and mince pies. Our Baby was beginning to be interested in moving objects and was given a little crochet hanging figure which made her laugh. It was very magical as I ironed tiny vests and nighties and listened to a Radio play titled " A Mother Bearing her First Child ". Roger and I spent the day with our daughter and on Boxing Day, when the buses were running, Grace and Bill came to visit.

Childhood and my Art

I came from a creative home. My Mother, Grace, had painted a bit and kept scraps of paper and backs of cards in a kitchen drawer so we children (my brother, Richard, and I) could always explore our imagination.

A Son is Born

A bright sunny day in late August and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon I realised my second child would soon arrive.

Victoria Anne Kearns

Our small family had by now moved to a rather delapidated house- 67, Millway, Bushey. It needed quite a lot of work to be done and Rog had to balance that with his long hours on the milk.

New house New Baby-Elizabeth

Me being who I am, I persuaded Rog to have a look at a house advertised on the local notice board. This would mean no estate agent fees and the price was within our reach.

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