French Revolution

In the following timeline, you will find a brief description of the events occurred from 1789 to 1795 in France which are related to the French Revolution.

1789-05-01 00:00:00

Estates General

Louis XVI summoned the Estates General with the purpose of raising taxes with the approval from the 3 estates. The whole aim of this convocation was to create a fake image of him being kind and someone who values the opinion of his people instead of making him look authoritharian. However, the king trusted this system as the vote was per estate not per head, it was two against one as the church and the nobles would always support him.

1789-06-01 00:00:00

National Assembly

The estates general had a very unfair voting system. When the 3 estate realized this unjust ¨trick¨the king had played on them, they decided to leave the estates general and create the National Constituent Assembly.

1789-06-20 11:53:15

Tennis Court Oath

The king found out about this National Assembly which had been created, sent the order of closing the place where they met. Its members now gathered instead in the tennis court. They swore an oath not to disperse until the creation of a new constitution for France.

1789-07-14 11:53:15

Storming of the Bastille

This day was when the violence took over France. People were afraid of what the king would do, as he was such an autocratic figure. So they decided to storm the bastille and look for guns and weapons to fight the King´s army.

1789-08-26 11:53:15

Declaration of the rights of men and citizen

The Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizen was based on the American Declaration of Independence, and was stablished by the National Assembly

1789-10-01 11:53:15

Women march to Versailles

There was this rumor that Marie Antoniette, the King´s wife, was hoarding grain. The women decided to go to Versailles and make the royalty go back to Paris were they could be nearer the crisis they were going through.

1790-07-01 11:53:15

Civil Constitution of the Clergy

The National Assembly introduced the Civil Constitution of the Clergy which reduced the Church's powers and control.

1791-03-19 11:53:15

The Constitution

The Constitution by the National Assembly established a Constitutional Monarchy in which the kings were left with less power.

1791-06-20 11:53:15

The King and the Queen failed escape

As the monarchs saw the situation was getting out of their hands they decided to escape dressed as servants. Unfortunately for them, they were caught and brought into house arrest.

1791-07-01 09:20:49

Champs de Mars Massacre

The Jacobins had gone to Champ de Mars to collect firms to take the government down when soldiers of the National Assembly arrived and attacked them.

1792-04-01 09:20:49

Declaration of War to Austria

The war was made with the aim of solving starvation and bankrupcy. Both the people and the king were in favour: people wanted to steal grain from other countries; king, if they won, he would be more popular and stronger, but if they lost, countries would get rid of revolutionaries and put him back into power.

1792-04-20 06:58:48

Prussia is on Austria´s side

1792-07-01 06:58:48

Brunswick Manifesto

The Duke of Brunswick, which was at the moment the leader of the prussian army wanted to reinstall the king in its power and defeat the revolutionary government.

1792-07-01 06:58:48

Storming of the Tuileries

The revolusionarist were doubting of the involvement of the king in the Brunswick manifesto. The Jacobins took over the Tuileries Palace, where the royal family was living, and imprisoned them.

1792-09-01 06:58:48

Stalemate at Valmy

During the war with Prussia and Austria

1792-09-01 06:58:48

National Convention

The National Assembly was replaced by the National Convention. It was an organisational structure mostly under the control of the Jacobins.

1792-09-21 06:58:48

Proclamation of a Republic

The Jacobins declare France a republic, there was no more monarchy.

1793-01-01 06:58:48

The king was executed

He was executed by gullotine

1793-02-01 06:58:48

War with Britain

1793-04-01 06:58:48

Committe of Public Safety

When Jacobins finally got to power they established the Committee of Public Safety that acted as a 'De facto governement' (default government) in control of Maximilien Robespierre.

1793-08-01 06:58:48


All young and unmarried man would be forced to join the army, ¨conscription¨

1793-10-01 06:58:48

The queen´s execution

French Revolution

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