French Revolution

Third Estate establishes itself as National Assbembly

Third Estate breaks away from Estates-General and establishes itself as National Assembly. Declare themselves representatives of the people.

Execution of Marie Antoinette

Queen of France is guillotined.

American Revolutionary War

France took place in this war. Sent significant military help and resources across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ancient Regime

France is under Louis XVI's monarchy system. There is starvation, war debts and economic chaos.

Convocation of Estates General

King Louis XVI summons Estates General for its first meeting since 1914.

Tennis Court Oath

National Assembly members (mainly from the third estate) take Tennis Court Oath since King has locked the doors of the Assembly meeting room. Decide not to rest until a Constitution is made and signed.

Storming of the Bastille

Parisian citizens move to and take over the Bastille. The Bastille had 7 political prisioners but also a lot of weapons.

Declaration of Rights of Men and Citizen

French people declare their Declaration of the Rights of Men and of the Citizen.

Women's March

Peasant (and armed) women march to Versailles to demand the King and Queen to move back to Paris. There was a rumor that Marie Antoinette was hording grain while there was a great food crisis and starvation.

House Arrest

King and Queen move back to Paris and are in house arrest.

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