Historical Atlas of Jackson Hole

Andy Chambers Homestead: Life Lease

1951: Ida Chambers sells the 900+ acre property to the National Park Service with a life lease.

Lucas-Fabian Ranch: Fabian Purchase

1944: The Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc. (formerly the Snake River Land Company) purchases all of Kimmel’s land at Jenny Lake, including the Lucas Homestead.

Hatchet Ranch: Skinner Purchase

1920: D.E. Skinner purchases and names the Shive property the Hatchet Ranch for the cattle brand he had acquired earlier in 1917.

Hunter Hereford Ranch: Redmond Purchase

1931: Williams sold his ranch to Preston Redmond. The Redmond family owned and maintained the ranch for several years.

Elk Ranch: Sold to Snake River Land Company

1928 - 1929: Ferrin Sells his 1,708.74 acres to the Snake River Land Company for $114,662.12.

Elbo Ranch: Goss Purchase

1926: Chester Goss & The Elbo Ranch Partnership purchase land from Manges. This parcel was included in Goss’ other land purchases in the area, a total of 423 acres.

Andy Chambers Homestead: House Burns

1934-1936: The Chambers house burns down, forcing the large family to live in their original log cabin. At this time the Chambers also purchase a house in town to allow the children to attend high school.

White Grass Ranch: Galey Management

1946-1956: The Galeys ran the ranch, making some improvements. They added wooden frame bathrooms to the cabins, and constructed a new log house for the family in 1949. Galey also built a swimming and fishing pond that he named Lake Ingeborg. He also continued to cultivate timothy and alfalfa hay for a small cattle operation. They kept about 5-6 Hereford cows, 2-3 milk cows, work horses, saddle horses (which were trucked to Lander in the winter), hogs and chickens. The fox farm also continued under the Galeys. In 1946 they housed 30 dudes, some staying for up to two months. By 1956, they could house 55 dudes and added electricity to the ranch buildings.

Maud Noble Cabin: Built

1915: Maud Noble arrives in Jackson Hole as a guest at the Bar BC Ranch and friend of Mrs. George Woodward. After staying at the Bar BC for the summer, she makes arrangements to stay permanently in the valley. 1916: Harry Clissold builds Maud a 3-room cabin on the east side of Cottonwood Creek. She lives here for about a year.

Maud Property Sold to Snake River Land Company

1929: Maud sells her Moose property to the Snake River Land Company.

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