House of Leaves Timeline

This is a timeline to unravel the Introduction and first two chapters of Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves

This timeline is a work in progress fragmenting the intense narrative framework that is House of Leaves. ;xNLx;;xNLx;The timeline originates with Danielewski's writing about Johnny Truant's editor. The editor collates Johnny Truant's writing and research about Zampano's The Navidson Record. This reveals the next layer: Zampano's writing and research about Will Navidson's "Five and a Half Minute Hallway," which is also fictionalized by Zampano.

1720-01-01 07:26:48

House on Ash Tree Lane was built

"According to Alicia Rosenbaum...the house on Ash Tree Lane has had more than a few occupants, approximately .37 owners every year, most of whom were traumatized in some way" (21).

1979-01-01 10:28:40

Karen Green and Will Navidson Meet

Zampano mentions this briefly in Chapter II.

1990-04-01 10:28:40

"The Five and a Half Minute Hallway"

Will Navidson begins filming "The Five and a Half Minute Hallway"

1990-06-01 07:26:48

The change in the house

"In early June of 1990, the Navidsons flew to Seattle for a wedding" (24).

1990-06-01 07:26:48

New Editors

Why a house? Why hallways?

1990-06-02 04:47:28

Footnote 35

In Appendix II-A Mr. Truant provides a sketch of this floor plan on the back of an envelope.--Ed.

1990-06-02 07:26:48

The Day After The Door's Discovery

The Navidson's look over previous blueprints from 1981.

1991-01-01 07:26:48

A Short from Navidson's Documentary Surfaces

As a result of this surfacing people attempt to find Navidson and the house, and ultimately fail.

1993-04-01 07:26:48

The Navidson Record is Released

Miramax releases VHS copies of The Navidson Records in New York and Los Angeles

1993-05-01 10:28:40

Post Release Reputations

Following the release of The Navidson Record, neither Karen nor Navidson's reputation escaped unscathed.

1993-12-01 07:26:48

Explosion of Interest in The Navidson Record

Since the opening The Navidson Record has been screened nationwide and continues to generate interest.

1995-01-01 10:28:40

Footnote 2

See Daniel Bowler's "Resurrection on Ash Tree Lane: Elvis, Christmas Past, and Other Non-Entities."

1995-02-04 10:28:40

Footnote 10

Zampano cites Dr. Isaiah Rosen's belief: "Navidson's fraud from frame one and his early posturing puts the entire work at risk"

1995-11-20 20:31:47

Footnote 12

In reference to Rosen's statement about Navidson's devious or fraudulent character Zampano writes:

1997-01-05 10:28:40

Zampano leaves his legacy

Zampano leaves a note bequeathing his life's work to whomever finds it.

1997-01-06 10:28:40

"Then the old man died."

Zampano dies, and Johnny Truant enters the narrative.

1997-01-07 10:28:40

"The First Peculiar Thing"

Lude leads Johnny Truant into Zampano's apartment, where Lude explains some curiosities surrounding Zampano's death.

1997-02-02 10:28:40

Footnote 4

Johnny Truant begins to go through Zampano's The Navidson Record. JT's footnote translates: "Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create/ Se non etterne, e io etterna duro./ Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate."

1997-02-03 10:28:40

Footnote 5

Footnote 5 appears at the end of footnote 4.

1997-03-01 07:26:48

Publishing Attempts all Fail

No one wanted the old man's words--except me.

1998-10-31 07:25:17

Johnny Truant's Contribution

Johnny Truant signs and dates his introduction to The Navidson Record: Johnny Truant, October 31, 1998, Hollywood, CA

2000-03-07 00:00:00


House of Leaves published by Random House. Somehow, Johnny Truant will see a copy of this book in a bar.

House of Leaves Timeline

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