Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was considered a computer prodigy, and at a young age started getting involved in open projects technical and political that benefited local and global communities on and off line.

This timeline follows Aaron's life and projects from the perspective of how Aaron interpreted open source and it's ideals, taking open source beyond just code.

2000-05-10 14:54:18


At the age 13 Aaron created the website theinfo.org a precursor to Wikipedia.

2001-02-26 14:54:18

Aaron with Tim Berners-Lee

Aaron meets Tim Berners-Lee, the founder and inventor of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

2001-07-30 14:54:18

Aaron with Ted Nelson and Douglas Engelbart

Aaron with Ted Nelson and Douglas Engelbart at the International Semantic Web Working Symposium in 2001. Ted and Douglas are both know for hypertext. (Kim)

2002-10-10 19:28:39

Eldred vs Ashcroft

At an age when most kids wouldn't even know about copyright except through Napster or other file sharing means, Aaron was interested in the court case and ramifications of Eldred vs. Ashcroft. (Rein)

2002-12-15 19:28:39

Aaron and Lawrence Lessig

Through interest in copyright law Aaron gets to know Lawrence Lessig, and helps him with Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org/)

2004-03-19 09:14:45


Aaron works with John Gruber to create Markdown. A plain text-to-HTML conversion tool.

2006-08-06 19:28:39

Aaron with Richard Stallman

Aaron with Richard Stallman the founder of the Free Software Foundation.

2007-04-01 19:28:39

The Network Transformation

From a high level Aaron is talking about the transformation that the Internet is having, and will have on us. These ideas of Connectedness being accomplished in a technical sense, has open source at it's center. (Steal This Film)

2007-07-16 19:28:39

Open Library

Open Library is released. (Swartz, Announcing the Open Library)

2007-10-23 19:28:39

Open Library

Aaron talks about the idea behind Open Library. (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)

2008-04-14 19:28:39

Watchdog Project

Aaron helps build watchdog.net. (Swartz, Welcome, watchdog.net)

2008-12-10 11:58:41


Aaron creates web.py, a web framework publicly available for creating websites. (Swartz, aaronsw/webpy)

2009-01-01 19:28:39

Semantic Web

Aaron is invited by James Hendler (http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~hendler/) to contribute a lecture on web programming, Semantic Web and openness. In his piece Aaron talks about a Programmable Web and the value of sharing. (Swartz, Aaron Swartz's A Programmable Web: An Unfinished Work)

2009-01-14 19:28:39

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Aaron co-founded the PCCC. (Swartz, A Political Startup)

2010-11-11 19:28:39

Demand Progress

Aaron founded Demand Progress. (Demand Progress)

2011-06-07 19:28:39

Is the Internet a Human Right?

(1:55) Aaron talks about how the Internet has become a human right, a form of expression that should not be taken away. (The Alyona Show)

2011-10-26 19:28:39

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

Aaron was crucial to the fight in stopping SOPA. (Glaser)

2011-12-09 19:28:39

Government not understanding what the Internet is

(5:33) Aaron abstractly refers to how things on the Internet have a permanence and a tendency to stay open. (The Alyona Show)

2012-01-01 19:28:39

Aaron with Ben Wikler

Aaron and Ben Wikler created a radio show called "Flaming Sword of Jusitce." (The Flaming Sword of Justice with Ben Wikler)

2012-05-21 19:28:39

How we stopped SOPA

Aaron Swartz's keynote

2012-07-10 19:28:39

War for the Web Interview

Aaron talks about copyright, openness and freedoms concerning Internet rights.

Aaron Swartz

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