Netflix Company Timeline

Netflix is an online, on-demand service that provides to its users hundreds of television shows, movies, documentaries, and other videos to stream on a variety of devices. It also creates its own original Netflix-exclusive series, documentaries, and movies. Users can also order DVDs of their desired programs to have mailed to their homes instead of streaming them.

By Ashli Ferguson and Anna Mitchell;xNLx;Digital Media Literacy;xNLx;Prof. Sturgis

1997-02-01 21:32:42


Netflix launches the subscription service offering unlimited rentals for low monthly subscriptions

1997-02-01 21:32:42


Reed Hastings and software executive Marc Randolph co-found Netflix to offer online movie rentals

2000-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix launches personal movie recommendation system that lets users' ratings accurately predict choices for all netflix movies

2002-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix makes an initial public offering

2005-06-01 21:32:42


The number of Netflix members rises to 4.2 million

2007-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix introduces streaming

2008-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix streaming hits TV connected devices like Xbox 360

2010-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix hits iPhone and iPod Touch

2012-06-01 21:32:42


The first Netflix-exclusive documentary premieres

2013-06-01 21:32:42


"House of Cards," Netflix’s first exclusive TV series, premieres

2015-06-01 21:32:42


Netflix’s stock closes at a company record high of $121.15 per share

Netflix Company Timeline

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