Community Partners International: 2015 Year in Review

Launch of groundbreaking project for maternal and child health

In March, CPI launched a new project supported by the Swiss Government to deliver essential health services to moms, newborns and children in four under-served townships in Karen State where indicators reveal critical levels of need. Covering a target population of 250,000 people, the project will provide training, equipment and supplies to 69 clinics and a network of more than 700 health workers serving remote communities in this region. Services will range from pre- and post-natal care to safe births and emergency obstetric care. CPI is also facilitating groundbreaking cooperation between the national Ministry of Health and community-based health care providers around shared goals in health. Together, these stakeholders are developing a comprehensive township health plan providing the foundation for joint efforts to transform the health status of these communities.

Thank you to our donors!

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for your incredible generosity during 2015. Because of you hundreds of thousands of people in Myanmar have access to lifesaving health care. We will continue to work with our partners in 2016 to bring care to those who need it most, whatever it takes and wherever it takes us. A very happy and healthy 2016 to you all!

Myanmar holds historic elections

On November 8th, the people of Myanmar stood in long queues to cast their votes for the national elections, a first in over two decades. The election is a milestone moment despite fissures of inequity in the process. The Rohingya people were excluded from voting, some voter lists were contested and armed conflict in some parts of the country inhibited participation. And yet, this election commemorates the incremental changes that have been occurring in Myanmar for the past few years, from economic reform to ceasefire agreements. The progressive National League for Democracy party won the election and while we look forward to further ongoing reform in the coming years, we know there is still a long way to go.

Medics complete lifesaving field surgery training

In January, CPI supported 39 staff including medics, physicians and a nurse from the Karen Department of Health and Welfare to attend the week long Trauma and Emergency Management training workshop. Training topics included suturing, shock/bleeding, chest tube insertion, burns, wound management, village first aid and surgical practice. The workshop was led by nine volunteers from the US and Australia including three ER physicians, three nurses, one paramedic and two logistics coordinators.

Community health workers graduate from CPI's Public Health Training Program

A group of 13 students from 5 districts in Karen State graduated from CPI and the Karen Department of Health and Welfare's Foundation of Public Health Institute (FPHI) this past December. The FPHI program is a one-month course held in late November and early December 2015, organized by KDHW with technical and financial support from CPI. The goal of this program is to produce public health workers to fill a critical need in ethnic and conflict-affected areas of Myanmar. Currently, KDHW’s health system is staffed by clinically-trained primary health care workers. However the role of these field-based staff is growing beyond providing curative clinical care and they are needing to have an understanding of the broader public health field. To address this need for a more comprehensive knowledge of public health among the field-level staff, the FPHI program was developed. There is currently no other school or institute that provides workers with public health management knowledge in the eastern border area. The focus of this course is to provide field-based staff based with an introduction to enhanced public health knowledge and skills, such as epidemiology, disease outbreak management, statistics in public health, environmental health, health and behavioral change, advocacy and program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

CPI combats multi-drug resistant malaria in southeast Myanmar

We began working with our community-based partners the Karen Department of Health and Welfare and the Karen Baptist Convention to combat multi-drug resistant malaria in 80 villages in remote regions of southeast Myanmar. Supported by the Global Fund, and in partnership with the Department of Medical Research in Myanmar and the University of Maryland, this project will benefit more than 30,000 people living at high risk of malaria infection.

CPI new film shows lifesaving care for moms and newborns in Myanmar

In the highlands northeast of Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma), CPI works with the Asia Light Foundation to ensure safe births in rural communities. Watch the short film to learn more.

CPI pesents at first-ever Myanmar Health Forum held in Naypyidaw

In July, CPI was invited to present our work at the first-ever Myanmar Health Forum in Naypyidaw, the administrative capital of Myanmar. The event was convened by Myanmar's Ministry of Health to discuss health sector reform, unmet health and development needs, and the goal of achieving universal healthcare in Myanmar by 2030. The CPI team consisted of partners from Karen Baptist Convention, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Dr. Cynthia Maung's Mae Tao Clinic, Backpack Health Workers, and CPI staff including our Country Director, Dr. Si Thura. During the forum, the CPI team met with Myanmar's Vice President, offering an opportunity to raise awareness about our and our partners' work.

CPI responds to devastating floods

In August and September 2015, many areas of Myanmar were hit by devastating monsoon flooding and landslides. More than 1.6 million people were displaced by the floods, more than 15,000 homes destroyed and 1.3 million acres of farmland inundated. Thanks to the generosity of donors, CPI provided emergency relief to more than 35,000 people in five flood-affected states and regions of Myanmar. We supported mobile clinics to provide emergency health care, shelter and relief items, water collectors and filters, water purification tablets, well digging, latrines, drinking water pond clearance and school furniture for reconstruction.

Turning Awards into Water

CPI's Myanmar Director, Dr. Si Thura, won an Australia Alumni SEED Fund award for 2015. He opted to use the award money to help two health clinics in Kayin (Karen) State set up permanent water sources for the surrounding communities.

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