Pacific Grove History

In order to preserve the history of Pacific Grove, one needs to know the history of Pacific Grove. Here we'll make an attempt to define the skeleton of that history with this timeline.

João Rodrigues Cabrilho lands at Cabrillo Point

16 Nov 1542João Rodrigues Cabrilho discovers Monterey Bay and lands at what is now called Cabrillo Point in Pacific Grove. It also used to be called China Point because it was once the location of the Chinese Village. It is currently the site of Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station.

Don Sebastian Vizcaino set foot on Point Pinos

16 Dec 1602 Don Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish merchant, is believed to be the first white man to set foot upon Point Pinos. He named it "Punta de los Pinos" or Point of the Pines.

Point Pinos Lighthouse Starts Operating

Point Pinos Lighthouse, illuminated by a whale oil lamp, starts operating on February 1. Illuminated by kerosene in 1880 and electricity in 1919, it is now the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast.

Chinese Settle in Pacific Grove

Chinese settle between Cabrillo Point (China Point) and Point Alones (Current location of the Monterey Bay Aquarium), which is the area now occupied by Hopkins Marine Station and form their own "Chinatown."

Lighthouse Road Constructed

Lighthouse Road constructed for the transportation of supplies from Monterey to the lighthouse at Point Pinos.

First permanent house built

Rev. Ross built the first permanent house in what is now Pacific Grove on land owned by David Jacks.

Considered as campsite for Methodist Retreat Association

Bishop J.T. Peck meets with Rev. W.S. Ross in the pines of what is now Pacific Grove to inspect the location as a possible site for a Christian seaside resort.

Pacific Grove Retreat Association founded.

A group of Methodist men, mostly ministers, meet in San Francisco and founded the Pacific Grove Retreat Association to set up a Christian seaside resort and camp meeting ground for members and friends of the Methodist-Episcopal Church with 100 acres of land acquired from David Jacks for the nominal fee of $1.

Retreat area surveyed

St. John Cox, Esq. surveys the Retreat area, laying out the lots, and files his map.

First Annual Camp Meeting Held

The first of the annual camp meetings (not Chautauqua) held.

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