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2012-10-01 08:00:00

Sweetie Belle Story 1

2012-10-01 08:00:00

Sweetie Belle. all

Magic of the Filly: Sweetie causes trouble throughout ponyville, and messes up whenever she tries to fix it. she is accepting of most help that comes to her, but makes everything much worse when she doesn't.

2012-10-01 11:30:00

Scootaloo Story 1

Learning to Fall

2012-10-01 17:00:00

Sweetie Belle 2

2012-10-01 19:00:00

Sweetie Belle 3

Story3:gets books from twilight about learning magic, and an offer to help her learn which she refuses. then later with Scootaloo in clubhouse, ends when she accidentally teleports Scootaloo away. lesson: she turns her magic on but can't control it, and from here until part way through the next story it randomly turns on.

2012-10-02 00:10:00

Scootaloo 2

Gliding through dreams

2012-10-02 06:00:00

Scootaloo 3

With a few Small Flaps

2012-10-02 06:30:00

Sweetie Belle 4

Story4 (instability incarnate): Sweetie Belle can't control her magic at all. in desperation she seeks the aid of twilight, who she has to search for before she can get her help. When she finds twilight the first time she teleports both of them to opposite sides of ponyville before twilight even knows she's there. lesson: Sweetie can control when magic turns on and off, but still not what happens when it does so.

2012-10-08 06:00:00

Applebloom Story 1

Story1: AB learns her reason to buck when sleeping in. when she wakes up she goes to ask sweetie belle (because scoots isn't there yet) if she experienced the dreams (magical instinct). when she finds sweetie belle a thick grove of trees magically appears around her and traps her. enda with her asking herself how she is going to get out.

2012-10-08 10:10:00

Sweetie Belle 5

Story5 (Magic on Command): twilight is called away to Appleoosa, so she can’t help or supervise sweetie belle. Sweetie Belle causes local disasters, and hijinks, lesson: but eventually learns to control her magic fully.

2012-10-08 10:20:00

Applebloom 2

Story2: (lesson discernment, not the title just the lesson). starts with AB crying for help and realising nopony can hear her. applebloom learns what she can and can't buck, and bucks a small path out of the grove just in time to make it to the train station.

2012-10-08 12:00:00

Scootaloo 4

A Flight to Last

2012-10-09 06:00:00

Applebloom 3

story3: Strength training highly similar to scoots' endurance training. every day she stops her training to cheer on scootaloo. rather than getting the additional knowledge from instinct she gets it from applejack, and it is different advice too.

2012-10-12 22:00:00

Applebloom 4

Story 4: every evening after AJ and Big Mac are done bucking apples, and gone from the field, AB goes out to practice bucking. she quickly learns that endurance is something she needs to work on. so she asks scoots what she did. it doesn't work the same way though, so after a few days of no progress, she gets a visit from instinct. and improves greatly.

2012-10-16 03:00:00

Scootaloo 5

Truly Airborne

2012-10-19 06:00:00

Applebloom 5

story 5: AB impresses applejack with being able to buck apples, and they share explanations with each other. latter she goes to the cmc clubhouse and gives further explanation of why none of her friend advice worked.

general story timline

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