A Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

We've seen the films, we know they share the same universe but how does the Marvel Cinematic Universe all fit? Well, wonder no longer!!

As we reach the ‘home straight’ of Phase Two I feel the need to update my opening comments. ;xNLx;Firstly much of this work wasn't mine. In fact the predominant work was done by Rich Drees who is the Editor over at www.filmbuffonline.com where an early timeline can be seen. I have now made my own significant contribution to this now. The sharpe eyed will notice the more important changes.;xNLx;Secondly, and rather more alarmingly for timeline enthusiasts, (I know you’re out there...in the shadows. Be proud...if silent!) the amount of contradictions are beginning to tell. With that in mind it should be noted that there is a tasty little website run by Croutons that can be found at http://eatingcroutons.tumblr.com/mcu-timeline which is an excellent source. It provides evidence and screenshots for the majority of onscreen dates. Not only does it nail down the time of events but also shows the many anachronisms and contradictions that litter the MCU. I now invite the reader to sift through the evidence and make their own decisions on when things take place.;xNLx;Let the debate begin!;xNLx;I'm very happy to answer any questions regarding the timeline. Simply send me an email headed MCU Timeline to andrewnorfolk@hotmail.com Cheers guys.;xNLx;

Stark Attends Fire-Fighters Benefit

Stark analyzes more data and decides to rebuild his suit using gold titanium from an old project to solve the icing problem. Tony also instructs Jarvis to add some "hot-rod red" paint trimming to the next suit (Armour, MK III). Tony then leaves to attend the third annual benefit dinner for the Fire-fighters Family Fund while the new suit is being assembled and painted (which takes approx. 5 hours to complete). At the charity event, Tony meets with Coulson, who still wants to learn about Tony's incident (They book an appointment for the 24th). Tony then leaves to dance with Pepper Potts, his personal assistant, and they share a moment together in the moonlight. Tony is then confronted by Christine, a reporter he'd slept with prior to leaving for Afghanistan. She shows him photographs of his weapons being used by a terrorist group the previous day in the remote Afghan town of Gulmira, Yinsen's home village. Tony confronts Obadiah on the matter, and Obadiah reveals that he is the one who filed the injunction against Tony.

Rogers Found

Steve Rogers' crash site is found by a Russian oil team. Eighteen hours later SHIELD agents are dispatched to the area where they find the frozen Rogers cryogenically preserved.

Stark Defeats Stane

Los Angeles, CA. Under Stark’s direction, Potts uncovers proof of Stane’s collaboration with the Ten Rings (1). Stane and Stark eventually come to blows in their respective armours (2). Stane is killed. The conflict is seen by the public and the press name the mysterious hero “Iron Man.” Post the Ironmonger fight Agent Coulson shows Stark and Rhodes around the SHIELD complex situated in the local area. Coulson stresses to Stark how they can teach him to fight (3).

Stark Appears Before the Senate

Washington, DC. Stark appears before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Weaponized Suit Defence Program Hearings. These are chaired by Pennsylvania Senator Stern. Stern pushes Stark to turn the Iron Man suit and technology over to the military but Stark refuses. Stern calls Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Industries and Lt. Rhodes to testify against Stark. Stark testifies that although other countries, including North Korea and Iran are working to replicate the technology, they are years away from being able to do so. He also reveals that Hammer Industries have also had their share of lack-of-success, leading to the cancellation of Hammer Industries’ contracts with the Department of Defence.

Stark Liberates Gulmira

Gulmira, Afghanistan. Stark tests his Mk III armour by driving Raza’s Ten Rings group out of the Afghan village.

Stark Continues to Develop Armour

Stark continues to develop a more refined version of the armour he used to escape from the Ten Rings. Stane uses Stark’s change of heart concerning what business he is in as leverage for a takeover attempt and secretly files an injunction against Stark. Besides boardroom manoeuvring, Stane develops his own high tech battle armour using the remains of the MK I armour recovered by his Ten Rings confederates.

Banner Failed Gamma Experiment

Under the threat of funding cuts, Banner volunteers to test process on himself resulting in the accident that turns him into a powerful, mutated humanoid. (1) 2006”; see also February 7). Gamma pulse combined with serum that Betty Ross was developing triggers mutation. Later, gamma pulses somehow stored in Banner’s brain’s amigdala and released during high stress moments will trigger mutation. Betty Ross is injured and hospitalized. Gen. Ross admits to Banner that project is being developed as weapon, not just defense. Banner goes on the run. In the wake of the accident, the military closes the entire lab building for a year and shuts down the entire Bio Tech Force Enhancement project. General Ross secretly holds onto some material, Dr. Betty Ross also secretly holds onto project data, remaining at Culver University as a professor of cellular biology. Betty also ceases speaking with her father (2), angry at his treatment of Banner.

Banner Tries to Contact Betty

Banner tries to contact Betty one last time, but the email is intercepted by the military. She never receives it (1). At some point during his run from the military, Banner travels through the Dakotas (2), possibly on his way towards the arctic.

Banner Spotted via Satellite Recon Photo.

Canada. Banner spotted via satellite recon photo and a mutated Banner sighted by locals who mistake him for a “green Sasquatch".

Last Sighting of Banner for Five Months

Last sighting of Banner for at least five months.

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